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10th Annual Day Celebrations

JIRS, began its journey on 16th June 1999 has come a long way in the last 10 years. At the 10th Annual Day, the experience of the past glorious years was clearly visible. The ‘Sprintoor’ indoor stadium was booming with excited parents who had come all the way to see their children perform and also to be a part of the grand celebration. The otherwise calm and peaceful school campus was full of hustle and bustle.

Dr. R. Chenraj Jain, Founder Chairman, Jain Group of Institutions addressed the parents. He explained with vivid examples that assumption without clarification is detrimental for the progress of the child. He said that the parents should share their experiences with children and encourage and support their children. He said that once the child comes to the school, the parents should not worry that the child will get hurt while playing. He was of the opinion that this is also essential for the children and they will understand life after going through these trivial phases.

Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, young but renowned designer from Kolkata was honored by Dr. R. Chenraj Jain, Chairman Jain Group of Institutions.

The building blocks of the institution who have been there since inception and are still a part of the family were also honored and appreciated for their contribution to the school. They are Mr. M. S. Parswanath Jain-Alumni JGI and Head of the Facilities Management Department, Mr. Anil Kumar Rai – Maths teacher and Vice President, Mrs. Maya Devi – English teacher and Vice principal junior section, Mr. K. Ranganath, Mr. Giri Mattapathi.

The achievers, both the Board and class toppers, for the session 2008-2009 were also awarded.

The Champion’s Trophy has been launched this year for the overall performance of students in sports and cultural activities. The award for this year was bagged by the Buddha House.

This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Mahaveer Solanki, who spoke about ARKA eduserv (Master franchisee of JGI).

The cultural programme prepared by the students was awaited by everyone. It was a 45 minute non-stop classical dance choreographed by Ms. Shweta and Ms. Mridula who said that they had a wonderful experience training the kids.

The theme was ‘Colors’ which was related to the 5 elements.

The dance started with the color ‘white’ depicting the Apsaras and the Fairy. The Apsaras dressed in white and golden apparels were looking ravishing and stunned everyone with their wonderful performance. The next color was the color of Sun - ‘Yagna Kunda’, an offering to the purifying element, the Fire. The dancers beautifully depicted the effect of sun on earth by their dance. The next color was blue – The color of Water. The dancers dressed in blue showed how the monsoon is welcomed by the people on the earth. The celebrations of the start of rains were illustrated brilliantly. After the rain comes prosperity, and the Green flora and fauna comes along with it. The cry of Mother Nature was also depicted at the same time. Then the color Black - symbolizing the darker side of man was shown with some wonderful dance steps. The dance concluded on a wonderful note telling that even though evil is trying to take over the good in humans, there is still hope. The Fairy godmother will bestow her blessings and the 5 elements will join hands for peace to prevail forever.

The choreographers were also praised for their incredible efforts by the PRO.

After the breath taking performance, the audience broke for lunch. The menu comprised of variety of dishes like Indian chats, Mexican salads, south Indian and north Indian food, sweets, ice-cream etc.

Post lunch the parents got busy with the exhibition of projects, made by the students of various departments that were put to display. This was followed by Equestrian show & some fabulous matches.

The parents were very satisfied and overwhelmed by the performance. They felt that it was a well coordinated show.

This is what some members of JIRS family had to say….

Mrs. Ambuj Sharma, PRO, Jain International Residential School
Mrs. Ambuj Sharma said that her experience with JIRS was a nice learning experience of life. She has been in the field of education since 25 years but nowhere did she get the platform that she got here.

She said that it is a great working environment and the teachers, management and the whole staff gets a lot of encouragement and appreciation.

“If any person working here has the spark, they are encouraged and the guidance from the Chairman, Dr. R. Chenraj Jain is tremendous… His tremendous faith in youth makes us excel in whatever we do”, she said.

She also added that the concept of ‘holistic development of the child’ which is now used by many people was first conceptualized by Dr. Jain long time back. She said that he is always ahead of the times. She said, “I salute his conviction”.

“I would like to work here till my last breath. The institution is like a family “.

She went on to say that she was satisfied with the programme. “It is a teamwork requiring a lot of planning and execution. There was good coordination and am happy to be the part of The Best Team!”

She also said, “Parents appreciation is like music to my ears”.

Mr. Parswanath Jain, head of Facilities Management, Jain International Residential School
 “It was a great journey and big opportunity for him as a fresher. The most important thing for me is the satisfaction and the emotional bonding that has developed over the years”. He said that he stood by Dr. Jain’s Standards. He and his team have grown with the institution;” My amazingly supportive team is the strongest point” said Parswanath Jain

He mentioned that the school has one of the best sports infrastructures in Asia. His message to the parents was” parents should not pressurize their children to choose any profession”.

He also said that “we should always go along with our Indian culture as we are losing that”.

Parents of Harshita Bhatia, IGCSE Grade 9
They said that they have been a part of the school since 4 years now as their elder daughter is an ex-student now and are very happy to be so. They said that the quality and performance of their children has improved tremendously due to the efforts of the teachers here. The self- confidence of their child has increased by leaps and bounds.

“The good thing is that children from diverse background come here but live here as one”, said the overwhelmed parents.

Regarding the event they said that it was “well organized and the dance was very well coordinated”.

 Parent of Neeraj, Grade 11
She said that she has seen an immense improvement in his handwriting which was almost a scribble earlier. She is very happy that her child is here. She specifically mentioned that “the attitude of the teachers is very good and give tremendous encouragement to the children”; they take very good care of the children and she does not feel that her child is not safe. With the help of the teachers her child has become quite mature, independent and self- confident. She said that the school has very loving teachers and a good warden who does not let the children miss their parents even though they are away from home.

Akash, Grade 11
He said that this is his 5th year here. He has found a remarkable improvement in his English after coming here as the school provides a platform and scope for lots of improvement. With the help of his teachers he has become the topper of his class. He also mentioned that he has undergone an overall personality development here.

Priya, Grade 12
She said that she was a “spoilt brat” earlier but has become much more responsible after coming here. She does enjoy here, but she has got to learn a lot as well. She was one of the anchors of the programme and this is her first time, although due to the support and encouragement of her teachers she did not feel that. She said that the main advantage is the support extended by teachers.


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