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Boarding Facilities

Dorm life is at the heart of the residential experience. For our students, dormitory life is one of the most valuable aspects of their time at JIRS. Whether it's planning a festival celebration or studying for a history mid-term, sharing it with people from very different backgrounds and from across the nation and around the world is a rewarding learning experience for them.

At JIRS, students are accommodated separately in well-designed dormitories named after some of the important rivers of India. With not more than four students in a dorm, students in the dormitories are served round the clock by a loving and caring Dorm Parent in each dormitory whose untiring efforts ensure that the students’ stay at the school is comfortable, and all their needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Students are helped to adjust with fellow students and to the individuality that all students bring with them. Apart from this, students are trained in the orderly arrangement of their personal belongings in the dormitories, and the maintenance of proper hygiene and cleanliness.

The schools dormitories are beehives of activity, especially on weekends. A warm and affable environment in the dormitories ensures that students interact among themselves freely, learn to extend mutual support when required, and develop close friendly relations. Dorm Nights are celebrated in the amphi-theatre of the boys and girls dorms. Students exhibit their talent in mono-acting, singing, dancing, acting etc. The dorm nights are organised by the students themselves under the guidance of matrons / wardens. Thus they learn to take up responsibility of organising events in a disciplined and orderly manner.

  • View ‘Suvidhi’, two exclusive new deluxe boarding blocks constructed for girls  international girls boarding in india
  • 'Chalukya' new deluxe boarding blocks for boys  international boys boarding in india
  • Boarding facility at JIRS  international boys boarding in india    international girls boarding in india

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