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Food Prepated at School Kitchen by Expert Catering Team

Food Facility in International School

All the food at Jain International Residential School is prepared in our school kitchens by our expert catering team. There is a gracious and orderly atmosphere pervading the dining hall as our students take their seats before meals, beginning with prayers. Our menu includes a variety of mouth-watering dishes - North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines, chats and pizzas followed by an elaborate spread of deserts. The food served is pure vegetarian sourced from different parts of the country and abroad.

The school provides children with transport and escorting staff for a weekly food outing, which is purely optional during lunch time. For Jain children, the school also provides Jain food. As part of our hospitality, parents visiting the school are always welcome to have lunch and give us there valuable feedback and suggestions.

This week's menu is here

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