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JIRS participated in the Ambur Equestrian Challenge 2018

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Ambur Equestrian Challenge 2018

JIRS participated in the Ambur Equestrian Challenge 2018

With the spirit of sportsmanship, Ambur Equestrian Challenge organised an event in South India. The main aim of this event was to provide a platform to the jockeys and the stallions and give a rise to the standards of horse riding in the country.

This year, the competition was held in Ambur Vellore District, Tamil Nadu from 9 to 11 February 2018. The participants of this competition came from various professional clubs and schools. In this event, where the jockeys did not only show their riding expertise but also had to prove their skills in handling their warm-blooded horses.

The Ambur Equestrian Challenge had a total of 18 teams participating and JIRS was the only academic school who got the honor to be a part of this championship. 12 students from JIRS who participated in this competition and they belonged from 16 years and above category or 16 years and below category.

This three-day event was quite an achievement for JIRS as they performed extremely well in all the events. A special mention to the coaches, Mr. Abdul Nazir and Mr. Vignesh who trained the students perfectly well. All the jockeys of JIRS nailed the championship with their performance by clearing 6 technical rounds and 4 of the JIRS riders were lucky enough to win medals in the competition. All the student jockeys made JIRS very proud!

The JIRS Equestrian team who took part in the competition were Prem Kumar, Araya Srinivas and Utkarsh J Bokhadia of Grade 6, Raghav Kegriwal of Grade 7, Jeeth D Chudgar and Anushka Mathur of Grade 8, Abdul Kaiz and Krish D Chandan of Grade 9, Shaury Rai of Grade 10, Vaishnav Sajeev Nair and Yashashwini C H of Grade 11 and Shreya Patadia of Grade 12.

We congratulate all the 12 JIRS riders who participated in the championship.



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