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Personality Development

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Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program Activities for Children at JIRS

  • Duke of Edinburgh Camp
  • NCC
  • Adventure Trekking Overnight Survival Camps
  • The Art of Living, Yes! Courses
  • Life Skill Classes
  • Mental Strength and Memory Enhancement Workshops
  • On Stage Public Speaking, Debates etc.,
  • Crisis Handling Dorm Duties, Academic Responsibilities, Mentoring, and Buddy System
  • Model United Nations
  • Harvard Model Congress
  • Council Member Elections, Investiture Ceremony

Entrepreneurship Oriented Activities

  • Start Up Projects
  • Product Launch Competition
  • The Best Manager (based on stress management)
  • Confederation of Directors a portfolio presentation
  • Debatabase (open house discussion and passing a bill)
  • Brand Equity Quiz
  • The Best Minister (presentation of ministries and portfolios)/ Budget Presentation
  • Science Forum

Retail/Flea Bazaar

  • A student initiative of explaining and selling the products made by them directly to school staff and money thus raised, they use it for charity and outreach programs

Co-curricular Education

More than 30 different hobbies conducted on weekends, including:

  • Art and crafts-SUPW
  • Drawing, Painting, Fine arts
  • Robotics classes
  • Computer Animation
  • CCE activities of CBSE
  • Outbound programs
  • Adventure camps
  • Cultural programs
  • Music, Dance, and Vocal Singing classes
  • Cooking classes, cooking without Fire
  • Industrial visits
  • Educational excursions and International tours
  • Workshops for children from Mental Strength Trainers
  • Art of Living, Yes! Course for students
  • Spiritual learning for all children with recital of shlokas
  • Daily arti and bhajan prayers
  • Quran, Bible and Jain teaching classes
  • Participation in social Upliftment programs
  • Educational school films by school cinema
  • Competitions and training in Spell Bee, Quiz, Debates, Public Speaking, Drama, and Theatre.
  • Entrepreneurship activities as part of the school’s vision
  • Conducting disciplined weekly Parade
  • Election of school council members through a rigorous selection and election process based on leadership qualities.
  • Duke of Edinberg gold, silver and bronze award programs for leadership and survival trekking camps.
  • MUN (Model united nations)
  • HMC (Harvard model congress)
  • Stage activities on various topics, debates, at school interschool Horlicks wiz kid and other competition.

Leadership/management developing activities like:

  • Crisis management
  • Project launch
  • Brand Manager
  • Verbattle
  • Confederation of directors
  • NCC

Clubs at JIRS

  • Science Club
  • Rotary Interact Club
  • Wow Club
  • Toastmasters Gavles Club
  • Model United Nations
  • Harvard Model Congress
  • Duke of Edinberg Leadership
  • Eco Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Hobby Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Social Upliftment Club
  • Journalist Club
  • Trinity School of Music London
  • Debating Club
  • Quiz Masters Club

Jain International Residential School (JIRS) Rated 4.5/5 based on the opinion of 230 people

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