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Art Excel – Art of Living

JIRS, Graduation Day

Art Excel – Art of Living

Jain International Residential School in collaboration with Art of Living organized Art Excel for students of grade 4 to 8 from 16 to 19 January 2019.

Art Excel teachers dedicated their session to reviving human values among children and teaching them stress-management techniques.

Do children have stress? Yes, when we talk to children, we realize that their minds mirror the violence of the world. There is too much exposure to multimedia even when their minds are too delicate to handle it. Problems associated with growing up – peer pressure, bullying, family trouble, and concentration issues were addressed.

Art excel teachers shared ways, techniques and tools which helped children to grow into balanced, progressive individuals, to handle stress and their minds. Children were taught Surya Namaskar. They took up fun games to teach values and children thoroughly enjoyed the process. They demonstrated simple exercises and games that encouraged creativity and learning. It helped children to develop a healthy respect for themselves and others.

They taught simple breathing techniques in the program, which included Sudarshan Kriya, the divine tool to overcome negative emotions such as fear, nervousness, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, etc. easily.

To be precise Art Excel program is the best way to introduce your children to spirituality, nurture human values, inculcate self-discipline, and develop their personality to be healthy and well-rounded.

This programme enabled them to handle negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration in positive ways. The courses also taught vital non-academic skills such as the Art of making friends, the secret to popularity, and the value of service to others, all in a supportive, yet challenging and fun loving atmosphere.

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