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Children’s Day Celebration

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Children’s Day Celebration

JIRS celebrated Children’s Day on 22 November 2018. Children’s day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. Jain International Residential School always strives to emerge out something new for its students and children’s day is a day especially for them.

JIRS teachers gave a variety of performances for their students in order to convey their love and care for them. The children of CBSE, IB and IGCSE sections were thrilled to get sweets in the morning when the teachers went to their dorms to wake them up. The children were completely immersed when they saw their teachers were dancing on the foot tapping songs on the stage. There was excitement in the air and the young ones were full of stories about their special day at school. The scholars had a lovely surprise to begin their day, as each one received personal greetings from their teachers.

The excitement continued with the plethora of diverse games which were organized by the Jain Academy for Sporting Excellence. It was a day where fun and frolic conquered. The teachers presented the light-hearted programs like dances, skits, vocal and instrumental musical songs for their students. The day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy as the beautifully dressed-up kids participated in various activities organized for them. The CEO of the school Mr. Ganesh Sharma greeted the students on this occasion and exhorted them to follow the path of honesty and hard work. He also gave the message of peace and harmony to the students.

Jain International Residential School (JIRS) Rated 4.5/5 based on the opinion of 230 people

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