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Coach (Sports) in Top International School in Bangalore

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“You were born to be a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours.”

- Herbert Paul Brooks, Jr. Ice Hockey Player and Coach

To complement the incredible sports infrastructure at JIRS, former and current National and International level players with an enviable track and coaching experience have been enlisted to supplement the efforts of the regular coaches at the Academy by imparting professional training to the trainees in different sports disciplines.

We work to ensure all young people have a sporting chance by developing opportunities. We create innovative and exciting ways to engage and inspire all students regardless of their age, so they have the chance to take part in high quality physical education and meaningful school sport and enjoy being active.

Consultant / Visiting Coaches
1 Mr. Enrico Piperno (International Player, Davis Cup & Fest Cup Coach)Tennis
2 Grand Master Praveen Ranka (Founder-Chairperson of the Martial Arts Trust - Bangalore) Martial Art
3 Mr. Probal Dutta (Video Analyst cum Coach, NCA, Cricket Association of Bengal) Video Analyst
4 Mr. Ranadeep Moitra (Ex Indian Cricket & Golf Team Strength & fitness Conditioner) Strength & Fitness Conditioner

Jain Academy for Sporting Excellence
Staff List 2016-17 as on 01-08-2016

1 Wg. Cdr Arijit Ghosh (Retd) Chief Operating Officer
2 Mr. Giri Mathapati P E Teacher / Sr. JIRS Coordinator
3 Mr. Abdul Nazir Equestrian Coach
4 Mr. S C Bose P E T / Basketball Coach/N.C.C Officer
5 Mr. Bipin Yoga and Meditation Coordinator
6 Mr. Kishore Chavan S Football Coach
7 Mr. Acharya N.B Bowling Technician
8 Mr. Omkar Vengala Bowling Coach
9 Mr. Ashok Pathak Head Tennis Coach
10 Mr. Ravi Kumar Badminton Trainer
11 Mr. Manjunath Assist Billiards Coach
12 Mr. Shyam Prasad Rai  JASE Co-ordinator
13 Mr. Abdesh Roy Assist Tennis Coach
14 Mr. Prince Thakur Assist Squash Coach
15 Mr. Lakshmi Narasimham Badminton Coach
16 Mr. Krishna Murthy Swimming Coach
17 Mr.Deepak Football coach
18 Mr. Prakash Golf Coach
19 Mr. Sundar Moorthy P E Teacher / Swimming Coach
20 Mr. Raveen Richard Asisst Gym Instructor
21 Mr. Soloman Raj Assist Cricket Coach
22 Mr. Avishek Guha Tennis Coach
23 Mr. Sanju Singh Cricket Coach / Video Analyst
24 Mrs.Lakshmi Swimming Coach
25 Mr. Syed Altafuddin Ahmed Football Coach
26 Mrs. Pavithra Asst Basketball Coach
27 Mr.Harish Asst Badminton Coach
28 Mrs. Kasturi bai Asst Badminton Coach
29 Mr. Nandan Asst Tennis Coach
30 Mr. Sanjay Shirsat Cricket Coach
31 Mr. Nawaz Cricket Coach
32 Mr. Nagesh JASE Office Assistant - FMD Dept
33 Mr. Prasanna JASE Office Assistant - FMD Dept
34 Mr. Umesh Billiards Assistant - FMD Dept

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