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Each religion has its code of conduct which is at the heart of the religion. The religious thoughts are shaped by its philosophy. All these rituals have deep meaning. Virtues like non-violence, forbearance, simplicity and straight forwardness are cultivated with the help of religious rituals. According to the Jain customs, the image of the Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain is installed annually and a new flag is hoisted on the tower of the temple. It is called ‘Dhwajarohan’.

‘Dhwajarohan’ ritual was performed at the school Jain temple on 18 December 2018. It was witnessed by Wing. Cdr. (Retd) K. L. Ganesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Ambuj Sharma, Head Mistress/ Public Relations Officer, Wing. Cdr. (Retd) Arijit Ghosh, Chief Operating Officer-JASE, Mr. Rudra Kumar Sharma Chief Operating Officer –JIRS. All the students from Grades IV-VIII gathered there along with the teachers.

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