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Robotics Session

Robotics Session

Robotics Session

JIRS conducts an annual programme on Robotics which involves working along with the school staff to introduce our students to experiments relevant to the syllabus. The Robotics classes help the students to develop teamwork and co-operative skills. For a robotic project, they work in groups as one student could be good in programming skills while others may be excellent at parameters such as engineering, technology and sensors.

The approach adopted at JIRS is a simplified one of equipping students with training modules for all grades. It is a fine synergy of the streams which benefits every student regardless of age, background and intelligence level. Since students create scientific models which are derived and simplified models of engineering, we have proudly coined this innovative programme as Young Engineers Programme.

General Academic Details:
  • The program is designed for fifteen to twenty sessions depending on the selected module.
  • The duration of each session is eighty minutes.
  • Each student is provided with required kit material along with a detailed manual.
  • The sessions are conducted using Power Point Presentations and videos, by a faculty trained in engineering.
  • Complete knowledge of concepts related to the robotic model, being constructed, is imparted to the students.
  • After a thorough understanding of the subject, the student assembles the model.
  • Thereafter, the student explains the objective and process of creating his/ her model to the class.
  • The model is handed over, for the students to take back.
  • Our students have so far created quiz board, dancing magnet, hydraulic jack, fire alarm and hydraulic brake.

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