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A Session On The Topic TED TALK

Kargil Vijay Diwas 2019

A Session On The Topic TED TALK

On 22 July 2019, a session on the topic “TED TALK” was organized by JIRS for students of grades VII to XII, IGCSE by Dr. Kalavathi Tiwari, Professor of Communicative English. The students were acquainted with the rules to be followed in TED TALK. It was explained to the students that the speaker ought to remember three aspects while delivering a TED TALK. In the word TED, ‘T’ letter signifies Technology, ‘E’ signifies Entertainment and ‘D’ Design. One has to utilise Technology in order to attract the audience of 21st century. In TED TALK, the speaker has to observe three aspects. These are (i) Topic Introduction and the purpose of selecting a particular topic.(ii) Teasing the audience with stimulating gestures and fun (iii) Tell Tale with anecdotes or quotes or stories or own experiences. The resource person selected “Artificial Intelligence” a topic for TED TALK and made it very clear how to deliver a TED TALK utilising all necessary techniques to make it extraordinarily effective and impressive.

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