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Parents Testimonial

Parents are the partners of the school and their involvement, their opinion is always honoured. The school hopes that this support from parents will only get stronger with each passing year.

“Although we do love and miss our children a lot here, but we are happy that they are getting the best education at one of the most qualitative schools which provide them both academic course and excellent sports facilities. Another important thing is the School Rules and Regulations which is appropriate to the disciplined student’s life. Gradually we do noticed the changes in our children, in their self-discipline, self-help and the adaption to others in the society. We believe that when they grown up, the basics they gained here will mould them as a good citizens of the society.”

» Mr. Tanasub Phatrapasit & Mrs. Pattamaporn Krueasri

I am delighted to convey to you that my son Narasimhan Ravi has been awarded full scholarship with living allowance at Griffith University, Australia. He will study the 5-year dual degree program – Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Business Sports Management. I take this opportunity to thank the CEO and entire JIRS fraternity for their unwavering support in churning out the best from Narasimhan and preparing him to excel in his career.

» Ramamoorthy Ravi

“I wish there were more schools like JIRS where the children get a chance to develop their talents to the fullest.”

» Ms. Ammu

“I would like to thank the staff of JIRS who put so much of effort to transform my son Vardan into what he is today. I am very proud of him.”

» Mr. & Mrs. Santosh Gupta

Last week, we visited our daughter Megha Rangaraj who has been enrolled at JIRS and did a mental assessment of her scholastic life. Since she is a part of JIRS, her whole character, attitude, demeanor, and outlook has undergone a considerable change. She has metamorphosed from a gawky little child to a level-headed matured young girl. This has been made possible only due to the wonderful environment provided by the JIRS faculty, staff and support personnel. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts taken and inputs given in bringing this overwhelming change. We feel considerably assured that admitting our only daughter to JIRS was the best decision we had taken for her betterment. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful dedicated teachers and staff who have helped in shaping the mind of our daughter to what she is today.

» Rangaraj Ravindran

Alumni Testimonials

We are absolutely delighted to know about the prospect of our Alumni and we commend them for their absolute excellence.

“JIRS was definitely instrumental in shaping my career and it was a place that gave me time and experience that I could not have acquired anywhere else. After School, I enrolled for the Bachelor of Science program in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology that was now taken me places. I even became one of the top performers in the Midwest Cricket Conference.”

» Satyam Kaneria

Software Engineer, Rcursion LLC, USA

“After three years of intensive coaching in Tennis at JIRS, today, I represent the Georgia State in USA for National Tennis & have been ranked no. 1. I have also secured a 100% sports scholarship in USA for the BBA Program.”

» Mishal Javia

Ace Tennis Player

“When I started off at JIRS, I seemed destined to be an average student. Little did I know that coming to JIRS would be a turning point in my life. My grades kept growing here. Four years in JIRS helped me to get into an American University for my Undergraduation program with a scholarship offer of USD $9000 per annum. The JIRS method of teaching is one of the most promising models yet developed. It helps students like me progress and achieve what we could not even think of. Wherever I go, I proudly articulate that I was a student of ‘JIRS’.”

» Parth D Shah

Student Mechanical Engineering Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY


“This year would be a turning point in my life as I have enrolled at the Northeastern University which is in Boston, Massachusetts or the Marketing program. This would not have been possible without my teachers, coaches, matrons and other authorities back at JIRS.”

» Kesha Shah

Student, Northeastern University, Boston

I was twelve when my parents enrolled me into Jain International Residential School (JIRS), a private residential school in Bangalore to bring some consistency and stability in my education. The three years that I have spent at JIRS have impacted my life in an extraordinary way.

» Shikha Gupta


“To be an Equestrian champion has always been a dream and JIRS sure did give me a great platform to showcase my talents. Today, I can proudly say that I have managed to acquire my dreams as I ‘m going to move to Netherlands to gain expertise in my field.”

» Balaji

Equestrian Champion

“I have always been taught to think ahead of time at JIRS and today I have taken up a project on wind energy which will be the next big thing in India. I thank JIRS for bringing me up to such great heights and getting me where I am today. ”

» Shrenik Ghodawat

CEO, Ghodawat Energy Private Limited

“JIRS was a life changing experience for me. The amount of maturity I have exhibited since I graduated from JIRS, was beyond any expectation of my family or friends. Today, I am a BBM graduate from Singapore, an employee of Chartered Bank and a student member of the Associate of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). I am also going to start my Masters program in Financial Management in the 5th best University in UK, Durham University. Everyday I spent at JIRS has taught me about life, career and relationships.”

» Anjali Mirpuri

Student, Durham University, UK

“Even though I am an MBA graduate from the University of Phoenix, USA, I have always been into co-curricular activities and sports from school days and that’s because of the world class facilities provided there & the training I received in the field of my interest. Today, I’m a VJ in channel [V]! I must say, it is because of one man that I am what I am today..!! Dr. Jain, the man who has taught us how to live and grow in life.!!”

» Rishi Brahmbhatt

VJ, Channel [V]

When I go down the memory lane, I am amazed that I have spent 7 long years here but it seems like yesterday. The time flew so fast! Because the time I spent here was so wonderful and special to me. what makes this institute better than the others is the staff and management of the school. Indeed they make us feel that this place is a “SAFE HEAVEN” & that it is a “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”


(Roll No. 2419)


  Visitors Testimonials

  We are glad to hear about what our luminaries sensed when they   visited JIRS Campus.

“It was wonderful visiting such a fine setup. The sense of discipline and orderliness was a very welcome change. My congratulations to the executive, administrative & teaching staff for such wonderful standards.”

» Air Cmde Ravi Dhar VSM AOC

Air Force Station, Bangalore

“An institution clearly dedicated to the timeless idea of a liberal education – very impressive!”

» Prof. George Sansbuny

LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia

“I am really honoured to have been invited to such a sprawling and beautiful school situated in the lap of nature. The children are articulate and well groomed. I wish all the best to students, staff and the managing committee to keep progressing higher & higher by leaps & bound and touch the sky with glory.”

» Wg. Cdr. S K Sharma

“An integral part of the JIRS philosophy is the development of the whole person and an intention to nurture in every student a love for learning, a string sense of self-esteem, personal integrity and a respectful, caring attitude towards others. Jain International Residential School – a kind of oasis out in the countryside summaries of an impressive and astounding number of facilities for students to play sports and to learn. The staff at JIRS is very receptive to the importance of teaching social and emotional skills to children.”

» Mrs. Yvette Vignando

Emotional Intelligence, Australia

“A wonderful welcome to a top-class sporting and academic institution. Way to go JIRS!”

» Prof. Andrew Turnbull

Senior Lecturer, Aberdeen Business School

“JIRS possess a wonderful campus with superb buildings and facilities. The staff cares greatly for the well-being of the students and take an all-round view of the education.”

» Mr. Vincent Richley

Col B G Cariappa

“A par excellence institute which is built on team work and its wonderful vision and mission.”

» Dr. Subhash Arora

NABET Assessor

“Fabulous place for learning, with vision, values, thirst for knowledge and a spirit enquiry. Would love to be a student here again & do better than the best. The country needs institutions like JIRS. Hearty congratulations for a job well done at all levels of hierarchy.”

» Dr. N P Jain

Former Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs

Former Ambassador to Nepal European Union

U N, Mexia & Belgium

“With such an amazing student culture & opportunity, JIRS is sure to bring an Olympic medal to our country.”

» Ms. Pramila Aiyappa

International Athlete


Jain International Residential School (JIRS) Rated 4.5/5 based on the opinion of 230 people

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