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Workshop on Confidence, Motivation and Choices

 Workshop on Confidence, Motivation and Choices JIRS

Workshop on Confidence, Motivation and Choices

To combat the stress and anxiety caused due to examination fear, a workshop on how to plan, study and achieve the desired goal was conducted at JIRS for the students of Grades X and XII on 14 February 2019. The speaker of the session was Ms. Srividya Nagaraju. She is a TEDx speaker and is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, pioneering effective learning using various techniques for skill and behavior improvement.

The Board examinations are just a few weeks away, but try telling that to the students who are already being bombarded with reminders of how quickly the time will fly and how important it is to get good results.  The workshop concluded with the students taking an oath that they will not only face the upcoming board examinations without fear but also overcome all the circumstances in the future.

The take away for the students from this session was that they felt relaxed, charged up and motivated to do their best. They felt more confident and sure than ever of the choice they had made for their future. Those who had not yet made up their mind on what they would like to do in the future also exhibited a new sense of motivation and confidence.

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