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top 10 ranked boarding schools

Our History

Jain International Residential School (JIRS) in 1999, was born out of the prodigious efforts of Dr Chenraj Roychand under the Jain Group. As one the most dynamic, flourishing and ambitious co-educational boarding institutions in India, we have over 750 students schooled from Class V to XII under CBSE, IGCSE and IB curricula. Inspired by the transformative mission, we serve a diverse group of students cutting across social and geographical backgrounds like Germany, UAE, Thailand, Africa and Nepal among others.

With the substantial investment, we have a campus modelled on traditional Gurukul setting fused with cutting-edge modern infrastructure facilities that strive to build an atmosphere of creativity, innovativeness and intellectual independency to make students courageous, aspirational, boundary pushers and global leaders.

A holistic approach, broad curriculum with competent and exciting courses, personalized learning supported by dedicated and well-informed faculty is what makes JIRS be an exceptionally vibrant academic community.

Along with academic excellence, it is the numerous departments, associations representing various disciplines, cultural and social unions, student community and sports activities mentored by 36 national and international coaches feature JIRS a veritable beehive of activities.

Integrity, responsibility and commitment form the very foundational values of our school. In line with this ethos, we develop in every student a sense of self-belief that would help lay a strong foundation for their successful career ahead.Even after two decades, JIRS is guided by truly distinguished leaders, teachers and administrators who through both turbulent and exciting times have stirred this venerable institution to be a perfect choice for the new generation of learners.

top 10 ranked boarding schools

Our Vision

Empowering Global Leaders: Shaping Futures through Excellence in Leadership and Life

By 2030, our vision is to be a beacon of international education, inspiring students to become global leaders. We envision a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity, inclusivity, and excellence, preparing our students to thrive in a connected world with confidence and compassion.

top 10 ranked boarding schools

Our Mission

At our international boarding school, we are dedicated to providing a transformative educational journey. Our mission is to cultivate well-rounded individuals who excel academically, embrace diversity, and embody ethical leadership. Through innovative teaching, immersive experiences, and a supportive community, we empower our students to discover their potential, appreciate different perspectives, and contribute positively to the global community

Our Strategic Vision

To make you fully engage in a challenging world

International Residential School

To design comprehensive academic framework connected with current learning and teaching practice

top 10 international boarding schools in India

To encourage informed student voice

Residential School

To support regular peer review

Residential School

To develop multi-dimensional improvement approach

International Residential School

Build strong commitment toward effective and efficient quality management processes

top 10 ranked schools in India

Our Team

Our caring and innovative staff are sensitive to students’ needs. We follow a unique approach of identifying individual abilities in students through personal attention and help them feel their own skin. We support students in all their endeavors and take pride in their success!

Rankings & Recognitions

A Logo of Education World Website

In 2020, Education World ranked JIRS as the top 5 co-educational boarding schools in India.

Another Logo of Education World Website

In 2020, Education World awarded JIRS the top co-educational boarding schools in India for forming next-generation of young men and women through its modern outlook rooted in strong values.

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In 2022, Education Today recognized JIRS as one of the top 20 Boarding schools in India for illustrating a different perspective on learning ability and knowledge application in a world filled with challenges and opportunities.

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In 2017, The Pioneer ranked JIRS as one of the top international school in India for its outstanding leadership and foresight in the field of digital learning and innovation.

Educamp - Education Awards Recognising Excellence

In 2017, Educomp NDTV Education Awards voted it as one of the top-ranking schools in South India for meritocratic spirit and bring to action intellectual nimbleness and strong character in young minds.

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