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A world of information is out here at JIRS library!

The library comfortably sitting in the 25,000 square feet charming JIRS campus forms an integral part of the academic ferment. Its well-designed two-floor space with an exotic collection of learning resources is an inspiration for life-long learners. To suit enrich programme offerings, research and reading, JIRS library currently provides students and faculty free access to 20,000 odd books, research journals, audio/visual capabilities, computers, print and other up-to-date digital resources with a large working space.

The library is open throughout the day supported by qualified teacher-librarians to assist and guide students on the effective use of learning resources. Every year, JIRS makes a huge investment in subscribing the latest literature and resources to help students and faculty develop literacy and personal development skills. JIRS library with its globally competent resources expresses a strong commitment to enhance knowledge-base, root values and revolutionize thought process of young minds.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs
Computer Labs

The purpose-built computer lab at JIRS comprises workstations provide students with problem-solving and program-designing skills. Regular up-gradation of sophisticated software and hardware helps students keep up with the latest technological trend. Supported by expert lab teachers, JIRS can give students with rigorous training and skills to reason the behaviour of programs and computer systems at large.


Children are intrinsically curious, and JIRS through its state-of-the-art labs creates endless possibilities to test ideas, calculate risk and produce durable and creative solutions in the face of scientific challenges.

The management takes great care as it allows subject-matter experts for teaching roles and labs to be curated by expert technicians. Along with the new Language and Mathematics laboratories, JIRS boasts of housing five laboratories with technologically advanced tools and equipment that transforms inquisitiveness into an academic engagement for better learning outcomes.

To build a hands-on learning culture and make students valued, JIRS hosts outdoor exhibitions and workshops and signs collaboration with other distinguished scientific departments pan India.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs

Classrooms engineered around smart technology forms a highlight at JIRS. Its scientifically designed furniture and adequate storage facility with hi-tech projectors, smart screens and air-conditioning create a highly explorative environment and immersive experience for students alongside routine classroom teaching.

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