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Boarding Ethos

International Boarding Schools In India

JIRS creates a welcoming experience to over 700 boarding students schooled from Grade 5-12 from across the world. To help them thrive in a new home, we support them with a wide range of care services and activities that result in academic excellence and overall wellbeing.

Our wardens play a key role by working closely with boarding students to ensure the environment is safe, sound, caring and student-friendly. As our wardens have immense experience in child-care, they inspire every child to be the best version of themselves.

Attending a residential school is a major decision and some children may find it hard to cope with the sudden shift. In such circumstances, our engaging and nurturing wardens/matrons act as positive reinforcement force and a steady guide in helping them gear up for a new phase in life.

International Boarding Schools In India


Suvidhi - Girls Dorm
  • A four-storey structure with 20 spacious and well-ventilated rooms at every level, accommodates three students in each room.
  • All the rooms have air-conditioning units, two restrooms, and a huge balcony that overlooks the lush green fields. A perfect place to rejuvenate after a long day of studying and games!
  • Each student has their study area complete with a desk, bookshelf, and a wardrobe.
  • The girl's dorm also has a recreation area with a TV room, parents lounge, and an attached dining hall.
  • Every floor has two house parent's accommodation, to ensure safety and monitor the student's 24x7.
  • Vigilant lady patrol officers are appointed within the dorm premises and male security personnel guards the building perimeter. CCTV cameras are installed at every strategic location to aid the surveillance efforts and keep a hawk-eye on the location.
Chalukya and Hoysala - Boys Dorms
  • Amidst the lush green landscape and beautiful garden with sit-out porticos the two dorm buildings, named after the great dynasties of ancient India, offer a uber living experience with comfort and care round the clock.
  • There are parent's lounges, pantry, and recreation areas with indoor games facilities like table tennis, carom board, chess, etc.
  • Each block has two TV rooms with leisure seating arrangements for students to relax or read books in their free time.
  • Chalukya - Houses boys from Grade 5 to 10
  • Hoysala - Houses boys from Grade 11 to 12
  • Both the buildings have four blocks with four levels and eight well-ventilated, air-conditioned rooms on each level which accommodate 3 three students.
  • Students are segregated according to the grades and curriculum and rooms are allotted as per their compatibility and friendship.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the premises with guards and CCTV cameras.
  • Two house parents are available on each floor for additional security and to help students with their daily routine.


JIRS collects a non-refundable amount of about INR 40,000 towards boarding facilities. A portion of INR 15000 is set towards cafeteria under (Munchies account) where an amount of not more than Rs 200 is transferred to the cafeteria to enable students buy snacks and eatables once a week.

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