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Facilities of Best Co-ed International Boarding Schools in India

A Brief Significance of Co-education & Co-ed Boarding Schools
When men and women work in collaboration or as a team, no one can stop the growth of a society or a country as a whole. And one cannot expect the same thing when both genders work independently without any cooperation from each other. That is why it is an essential requirement or demand of this age to promote co-education as much as possible.

One of the key reasons is that whether you are a male or female, you have to be prepared to work with the opposite gender in the future. Hence, it is high time to let go of old prejudices and welcome the wave of co-education with open arms. And the cutting-edge facilities of co-education can be seen in the top-rated international boarding schools in India.

Needless to say, co-ed international boarding schools in India help to build not only promising professionals but also responsible citizens. These educational institutions help to build character and address social anxiety-related issues in students. In addition, co-ed boarding schools leave no stone unturned to boost self-confidence along with leadership qualities in students.

When it comes to promoting healthy competition or encouraging diversity and equality, international co-ed boarding schools in India can play a crucial role. These institutions enable students to learn how to interact and exchange knowledge and ideas with the opposite gender.

Key Facilities of the Best International Co-ed Boarding Schools in India

Different co-ed boarding schools have a diverse range of facilities. More specifically, prestigious boarding schools come up with cutting-edge provisions for students to enable them to grow and soar high in their careers.

Most prestigious boarding schools in India sprawl across a wide area to ensure as many facilities as possible for students. In addition, the tech-enabled curriculum enables students to get used to the advanced changes in the contemporary world.
The vast area of reputed boarding institutions is home to a large number of boarding houses to accommodate a large number of students. These institutions help students build cooperation and self-discipline. Many boarding schools come with an IB (The International Baccalaureate) curriculum to ensure the growth and success of students and get them ready for future career opportunities. Such educational institutions make sure of the holistic development of learners.

Some boarding institutions also offer early year programs, IB-DP, IB-MYP, and IB-PYP. Moreover, these schools keep inspiring and encouraging students to pursue their passion while going through the academic curriculum.

Students of eminent co-ed boarding schools also participate in cultural, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. International boarding institutions ensure all-round development of students through an innovative curriculum.

Needless to say, residential life in international co-ed boarding schools in India is peaceful, multicultural, and friendly where students learn true friendships and realize the importance of team spirit. Moreover, reputed boarding schools in India present an excellent global campus with all essential infrastructures to ensure both academic as well as non-academic development of students.

An array of co-ed international boarding schools is available in India. Hence, you need to shortlist one based on your goals, budget, and desired facilities.

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Why Foreign Students Are Opting For International Schools In India

A Brief Introduction to the popularity of International Schools in India
Have you ever wondered why the count of foreign students is on the rise when it comes to taking admission to international schools in India? The key to the success of international schools in India lies in the holistic approach to education to ensure the overall development of students.

Students, graduating from such educational institutions, are acing academics as well as extracurricular activities. Needless to say, international schools in the country are helping students to take their personality and self-confidence to the next level.

Why International Schools in India are gaining popularity among Foreign Students?
Would you like to check out the reasons for more and more foreign students’ inclination to international schools in India?

  • Diversity in Courses & Curriculum:
    Education should not be taken lightly at any cost. Fortunately, today’s parents are not only conscious of the quality of education but also the overall personal development of their children.

    And international schools in India are leaving no stone unturned to cater to the requirements and expectations of new-age parents. The commendable performances of these schools are drawing the attention of not only domestic students but also international students.

    In other words, the academic reputation, the quality of education, and the level of student satisfaction of international educational institutions in India are some of the prime reasons for their widespread global popularity.

    Foreign students are very much impressed by the diversity in courses and curriculum along with the cutting-edge facilities of these institutions. Hence, are there any reasons that can hold back the popularity of international schools in India?

    Whereas most educational institutions follow the curriculum prescribed by the Indian School Certificate (ISC) or the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), some others follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs or other specialized educational programs to gear students up for their future.
  • Cutting-Edge Education Quality:
    The key factor for students to choose a foreign educational institution is the quality of education. Fortunately, international schools in India have already shown commendable performances in this regard. These institutions ensure top-notch quality in education to help students grow into respected and responsible individuals.

    To make sure of the nurturing and overall development of every student, international educational institutions in India aim to leverage the power of interactive learning methods and cutting-edge teaching tools while keeping class sizes smaller.
  • Top-Notch Extracurricular Activities:
    Needless to say, a bunch of extracurricular activities are an integral part of the student’s life in these international schools. That is how faculties try to bring out the best in every student in terms of academic performance, extracurricular activities, and personal development.

    Thus, students learn to solve various problems with their intelligence and creativity. Moreover, students, studying in international schools in India, learn to think and make decisions independently. As a result, they can take their confidence and personality to a new level.

In addition, studying in international educational institutions in India helps foreign students to know about new cultures, languages, and traditions. All these aspects help a student to broaden their horizon in the long run.

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Points To Ponder While Considering International Boarding School

Are you considering a best-in-class international boarding school for your child? Then, you need to emphasize some points straight from the beginning to opt for the best educational institution for your precious son or daughter.

Needless to say, boarding schools help students to grow in all aspects of life by presenting the most appropriate ambiance for studying as well as extracurricular activities. One of the best aspects of boarding schools is that students motivate and encourage each other to do better in exams, which is quite rare otherwise.

Choosing the best international boarding school may sound cumbersome to many. In case you are going through a similar dilemma, the first thing you should consider is to take care of your child’s requirements. Do not forget to make sure that your child is comfortable with the environment of the shortlisted institution. If your little one gets extremely nervous or stressed about the restrictions of the school, simply move on to the next option on your list.

Points to emphasize while choosing the best International Boarding School
Check out the following points to opt for an ideal boarding school for your kid:

The Philosophy of the School:
Believe it or not, the philosophy of a school tells many things about its vision, mission, and morals. Many private schools nowadays believe in educating students with innovative approaches without relying on the mainstream.

However, you should be comfortable enough with the teaching approach of that institution before finalizing your decision. Do not forget to verify if the school has a mandatory dress code. It is up to you whether you want a dress code for your kid or not.

Academic Courses & Facilities:
It is a must to check out the academic offerings and provisions of the shortlisted boarding school. If you are searching for a particular discipline for your child (for instance, engineering, math, or visual arts), then do not forget to verify the same.

Raise queries to know if the institution specializes in a specific discipline. Does the shortlisted school come with advanced placement sessions? You should also verify whether or not it is an International Baccalaureate educational institution. If your child needs ESL instructions, then you need to talk to the designated school authority in advance.

Evaluate Your Budget & Figure out the overall Cost:
Does the shortlisted boarding school satisfy your budget? Know about all the additional costs other than tuition fees and accommodation charges. Are you comfortable with a flexible payment method? If so, then attract the attention of the designated authority. However, if the school authority is unable to cater to your request, just move on to the next.

Always look for an institution, which helps students become not only intelligent and skilled professionals but also responsible human beings. Hence, check for the reviews online (do not miss third-party websites) to have insights into the reputation of the school.

Sending your child to an international boarding school enables them to experience new languages, cultural traditions, and lifestyles. I hope that the aforementioned points would help you make the right decision.

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Why every school should be providing sports facilities?

Be it physical fitness, a healthy mind, or a positive attitude, sports help students with manifold advantages. Studies suggest that students who follow sports as a crucial element of their routine perform better even in academics. Sports ensure the good physical, mental and emotional health of children. Schools must emphasize sports and provide quality sports facilities as the same help inculcate significant life skills. Sports and physical activity must be a vital part of school education as it lays a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Glance through the top reasons why schools should be providing sports facilities and how indulging in sports rewards students with amazing returns.

Physical Benefits

  • Better health & fitness - Sports serve as the best physical workouts for the body. Strengthening bones, toning muscles and instilling flexibility, sports are definitely the easiest yet most effective ways to keep children fit and healthy.
  • Strong immunity - Medical research and studies have proved that physical activity leads to a better immune system. So why not give our children the advantage of the same by getting them involved in sports at the school level?
  • Shield from lifestyle diseases - Physical education keeps students active saving them from chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, poor blood circulation, etc.

Mental Benefits

  • Stress buster - Completing assignments, attending coaching classes and following a tight study schedule, students certainly go through a lot of stress unknowingly. Though the immense support and encouragement received from family members and friends always help, participation in sports acts as a quick stress buster. It refreshes the mind and retains energy making students ready to face any challenge!
  • Improved reflex actions - The involuntary reactions called reflexes get better with sports activities.
  • Active & alert mind - Thinking how sports nurture an alert, active mind? Well, it is scientifically proven! Playing sports results in better blood flow to the brain which in turn, aids in building a better connection between various nerves and the brain. In short, when students indulge in sports, they attain improved creativity and better memory power.
  • Improved motor skills - Motor skills are the various abilities of the body that control different physical movements like balancing, walking, running, etc. Sports, especially organized sports are known for improving motor skills too.

Other benefits

  • Mutual trust, teamwork & cooperation - Sports make children know and understand the importance of trust and teamwork. They learn to help and encourage each other in different situations.
  • Acceptance of failures in a positive way - It is worth noticing that sportsman spirit is one of the best advantages offered by sports. Physical education makes children accept failures positively. They learn to cope with disappointment and do not fall prey to anxiety or depression at any point in life.
  • Self-confidence - Sports encourage persistence and practice. Students can discover their talents and abilities by getting involved in sports which leads to augmented self-confidence.
  • Discipline & responsibility - The organized structures, rules, and regulations attached to any sport induce disciple, responsibility, and self-control in participants.
  • Better decision-making skills - Scientific studies say that sportspersons have better decision-making abilities. The need of making quick wise decisions under pressure is yet another important aspect that develops into a habit when regular sports participation is followed.
  • Career-building skills - Most importantly, sports induce career-building skills in children that prove helpful in the future years when they grow up and join the workforce.

The Bottom Line
Nurturing feelings of love, peace, unity, discipline, and a lot more than you may imagine, sports ensure the holistic development of children and help them build a strong and confident character.

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What is more important in a Child’s Education: Curriculum or Culture?

A Brief Introduction
In essence, both curriculum and culture are crucial to ensure the best education for children. In other words, we cannot compare one with the other. To put it differently, a proper relationship should be maintained between curriculum and culture.

Making sure an in-depth curriculum is mandatory to ensure the proper development of every child in an educational institution. Therefore, education managers and teachers should leverage the power of a research-based program to take the success of education to a new level.

About Multicultural Principles in Education
Needless to say, every person has a deep relationship with their culture. Therefore, culturally relevant programming acts as the key source to represent various cultural groups in front of the world.

However, culturally-relevant programming calls for a learning curve about various groups to keep the idea of stereotypes at bay. That is why it is a must to incorporate cultural aspects into children’s curriculum.

Adaptation of proper developmentally-appropriate practices is what makes a curriculum ideal for the growth and advancements of children in schools. Multicultural principles are needed to represent the identity of every person to live and perform in a diverse society.

In addition, students, who come from backgrounds other than English, are in dire need of effective multicultural programs to ensure their proper development. As a result, they can continue their learning in their first language while boosting their knowledge of English.

Needless to say, multicultural programming for students helps them know about various cultures so that they can start appreciating and respecting individuals of various cultural backgrounds. Multicultural programming also helps to keep personal as well as institutional unfairness at bay.

In other words, diverse programming leaves no stone unturned to evaluate and challenge all the biases based on cultures in educational institutions. All these aspects show that culturally relevant & diverse programming along with all the practices in this regard should be incorporated into all services, curricula, and systems to benefit students regardless of the age group.

An Amalgamation of Culture & Curriculum
What do we witness in a 21st-century classroom? The answer is the power of the internet and smart devices among others. In other words, the methodologies of teaching and learning have changed drastically over the last decade. However, the overall growth of children is not possible without making them aware of various cultural backgrounds. That is how every child in a classroom would feel included or valued.

You can keep improving the teaching styles by leveraging the power of cutting-edge tools and technology. However, taking care of children’s backgrounds, experiences, and preferences is equally important to keep behavior issues at bay. As a result, every child can learn faster, memorize faster, and perform well in exams.

Wrapping Up
Curriculum and culture complement each other. In order to make the learning experience of a student rich and significant, it is a must to create a combination of technically-advanced curricula and multicultural programs. The same would help fetch the best results for the students.

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CBSE Exam Tips for Class 10 and 12 Boarding Schools of India

Preparing for board exams in a boarding school is not exactly the same as studying at home. If you are studying in a boarding school, then you need to be familiar with a couple of strategies to ace your preparation and achieve the desired success in the board exam. The main goal of a student in this regard should be to lessen the shortcomings as much as possible.

For instance, it is natural for a student to get inclined to a specific subject over others. However, achieving success with flying colors calls for candidates to have a strong grasp of all subjects. One of the best aspects of board exam preparation in a boarding school is the support and accompaniment of fellow students.

Group studies prove to be beneficial when it comes to clearing difficult concepts and alleviating exam stress. Friends tend to help and support each other in boarding school, which is crucial to keep the motivation of achieving success intact. Moreover, certain strategies should also be considered by students if they want to take their preparation to the next level.

Preparation for Class 10 & 12 CBSE Board Exams: Easy Tips for Students of Boarding Schools
Seek Help When You Need it

It is common to feel at a loss during the preparation for board exams. If you face a similar situation, do not hesitate in seeking support from the boarding school staff. Staying uncertain won’t do anything good for you. Hence, talk to your teachers and get your queries resolved as early as possible before moving on to the next level of your preparation. Seeking help and asking questions should be among the most common activities of students in live-in schools.

Emphasize & Utilize the Power of Group Studies:
Planning and participating in group studies are easier in boarding schools than in day schools. You can seek help from your friends in case you get stuck in some concepts. Moreover, since a group consists of like-minded students having a grasp of various subjects, students can help each other in getting queries resolved and clearing tough concepts.

Group studies help to overcome the fear and stress of exams to a great extent. Whether it is about sharing knowledge or creating new success strategies, the benefits of group studies can be comprehended.

In addition, students in live-in schools can support each other in developing healthy habits (taking breaks between study sessions or cutting down on caffeine intake) to accelerate their preparation for board exams.

A Healthy Diet Plan is Very Essential:
Apart from study schedules, you need to take care of your diet to stay focused and energized throughout the journey and keep health complications at bay. Always remember that the preparation phase and the exam dates are some of the most crucial times in your life. Hence, steer clear of ultra-processed products to prevent the deposit of excess fat and sugar in your body. Incorporate healthy carbohydrates and greens into your diet. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, fruits and dark chocolate may satiate your cravings.

Taking enough rest is equally important as having nutritious food. Lack of sleep can harm your study schedules, which may impact your exam preparation and confidence.

Exams are an inevitable part of our lives. However, taking care of some simple strategies can streamline the journey, boost productivity and get boarding school students ready for their board exams.

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Benefits of Library in International School

From the temple rooms of Mesopotamian culture to modern libraries at international schools, libraries have been filled with wisdom throughout history. The function of libraries has evolved through the ages with state-of-art facilities. However, there are few constants in the news; educating readers to gain much more than just subjective knowledge, and revealing a whole new world of information. Learning is a dynamic process, and children should always be encouraged to read beyond their textbook libraries, something that has remained constant. Education is much more than just subjective knowledge.

As a result, international schools place a great emphasis on building libraries that cater to all the academic needs of students so that they can succeed to become better citizens of the world.

There are many ways in which a library is important in an international school, and we have provided some examples from our experience.

1. Encourage the Practice of Reading
Reading is perhaps one of the most important habits that kids can acquire, and a library at an international school affords them ample opportunities to do that. International schools have state-of-the-art libraries that have an extensive collection of books ranging from child literature to encyclopedias and subject books. As is rightly said by Margaret Fuller “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” The more a child is encouraged to read, the more will he be able to build a stronger road towards a beautiful and successful future.

2. Scope of Personal Development
A student who visits libraries is more likely to acquire a passion for exploration and to score higher on tests. there have been researches that fortify this fact. In addition, in the library, one has to observe decorum and maintain silence, which instills a sense of discipline in the student.  a library in addition not only enriches a child's mind but also help shape her personality since they have to handle the book they have issued carefully and return them within their due date.

3. Boosts Concentration
It has been proven that self-reading is much more impactful than just attending formal classes. When a child reads about something in a book in the quiet environment of the library, the information is strongly absorbed by his mind. Reading the silent library area without any distraction is bound to improve the concentration of younger minds.

4. Additional Support in School Subjects
State of the art libraries in an international school has books on class subjects. These extra books provide kids with more knowledge than they are imparted in a formal class. Hence their concepts become clearer and they gain a competitive advantage over their fellow classmates.

5. Makes kids aware of general affairs
Apart from books, international school libraries house various national and international journals, academic and current affairs magazines, newspapers, and tabloids. Not only do they serve as a source of wisdom for kids, but also keep them well informed about what is happening in their country and worldwide.

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