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Benefits of Library in International School

Benefits of Library in International School

Apr, 22 2022

From the temple rooms of Mesopotamian culture to modern libraries at international schools, libraries have been filled with wisdom throughout history. The function of libraries has evolved through the ages with state-of-art facilities. However, there are few constants in the news; educating readers to gain much more than just subjective knowledge, and revealing a whole new world of information. Learning is a dynamic process, and children should always be encouraged to read beyond their textbook libraries, something that has remained constant. Education is much more than just subjective knowledge.

As a result, international schools place a great emphasis on building libraries that cater to all the academic needs of students so that they can succeed to become better citizens of the world.

There are many ways in which a library is important in an international school, and we have provided some examples from our experience.

1. Encourage the Practice of Reading
Reading is perhaps one of the most important habits that kids can acquire, and a library at an international school affords them ample opportunities to do that. International schools have state-of-the-art libraries that have an extensive collection of books ranging from child literature to encyclopedias and subject books. As is rightly said by Margaret Fuller “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” The more a child is encouraged to read, the more will he be able to build a stronger road towards a beautiful and successful future.

2. Scope of Personal Development
A student who visits libraries is more likely to acquire a passion for exploration and to score higher on tests. there have been researches that fortify this fact. In addition, in the library, one has to observe decorum and maintain silence, which instills a sense of discipline in the student.  a library in addition not only enriches a child's mind but also help shape her personality since they have to handle the book they have issued carefully and return them within their due date.

3. Boosts Concentration
It has been proven that self-reading is much more impactful than just attending formal classes. When a child reads about something in a book in the quiet environment of the library, the information is strongly absorbed by his mind. Reading the silent library area without any distraction is bound to improve the concentration of younger minds.

4. Additional Support in School Subjects
State of the art libraries in an international school has books on class subjects. These extra books provide kids with more knowledge than they are imparted in a formal class. Hence their concepts become clearer and they gain a competitive advantage over their fellow classmates.

5. Makes kids aware of general affairs
Apart from books, international school libraries house various national and international journals, academic and current affairs magazines, newspapers, and tabloids. Not only do they serve as a source of wisdom for kids, but also keep them well informed about what is happening in their country and worldwide.

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