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Eligibility Criteria For International School Admissions

Grade V to XII

Students are eligible for promotion to the next grade on condition that they produce the duly signed previous Grade's marks sheet or Transfer Certificate (TC). If submission is not instant, students would be given a grace period of 30 days, failing to which they are liable for withdrawal.

Grade IX

Grade VIII students mandatorily need to study three languages that would qualify them to make progress to Grade IX. On submission of the duly signed mark sheets or TC of the previous grade, students are eligible to progress to Grade IX.

Grade X

Students opted for Hindi, Sanskrit or French as the second language in Grade IX are eligible for promotion to Grade X. Students are requested to produce the duly signed Grade IX marks sheet or CBSE Registration (applicable only to CBSE affiliated school) for admission to Grade X.

Grade XI

Students who have successfully completed Grade X from CBSE / ICSE / Indian State Boards / 'O' Level and IGCSE are eligible for admission. Kindly produce relevant Marks Sheet, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate & Conduct Certificate while admission process.

The admission procedure varies for foreign students as they would require to produce the following documents during admission process:

  • Foreign students are required to produce successfully completed original marks sheets of Grade X issued by their respective institutions/schools)
  • For verification purpose, foreign students need to submit the original details of their passed-out institution's name, accrediting authority, affiliation, printed flyer of the school or the website.

Admission to Grade XI with reference to such students will be provisional. Students are eligible only if a certificate is endorsed by the Association of Indian Universities to the effect that the qualification possessed by the foreign student is equivalent to Grade X standards approved by CBSE / ICSE or State Boards.

Any issues or misappropriation identified concerning the certificate not meeting the selected criteria of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the student's admission may be subject to withdrawal further leading to the discontinuance of their study in the same school. The school, under any circumstance, will not be hold responsible for any loss suffered by either student or parent if the selection criteria does not match the AIU standards regarding certificates and other necessary documents.

Grade XII

Admissions to Grade XII are confirmed only to students who have successfully completed Grade XI under the CBSE board. Parents of students seeking admission to JIRS need to produce a valuable intent of transfer from the previous institution.

Students are requested to produce CBSE endorsed marks sheets or certificates of Grade X and XI duly signed by the authority of the previous institution. If instant submission is not possible, students are given grace time of 15 days, lapsing to which leads to cancellation of admission for the respective candidate.

The school under any circumstance will not be held responsible for any loss suffered by either student or parent if the admission criteria does not meet CBSE board standards regarding certificates and other necessary documents.

International School Admission 2021 Bangalore

Jain Excellence Test

Jain Excellence Test (JET) is a standardized, age-adaptive and ability assessment model developed by JIRS to streamline admission process. Students are eligible to apply only once after successfully completing the registration process.

Jain Excellence Test comprises is an inclusive examination process that evaluates students’ reasoning ability, English comprehension and communication, Math and IQ. Selected candidates would receive a communication from the admission office to come down for a face-to-face interview.

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