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Impact of online learning on school education

Impact of online learning on school education

May, 04 2021

The year 2020 witnessed a global pandemic due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the world came to a halt. The pandemic exposed hidden vulnerabilities of our education system as the schools and other educational institutions were shut down to contain the spread of the virus. It revealed that our education system needed a more resilient and flexible approach and it also revealed the variances of the traditional chalk and board method.

According to a survey, approximately 1.2 billion children around the globe were bearing the brunt of this crisis on the educational front. Both teaching and learning were severely affected and the need of the hour is shifted from traditional methods to online methods. The education system witnessed a revolutionary change and e-learning, online classes and other digital platforms became an integral part of it. The pandemic made us realize that we need to adopt a technology-driven setup and why the integration of technology in the education system is the need of the hour.

The role of online learning:Online learning is a form of education that is electronically supported and relies on the internet for teacher-student interaction and the distribution of study materials. Earlier online learning was a small part of distance education programs, but due to the ongoing pandemic and evolution of technology it is becoming more of a mainstream thing; or rather a necessity.

Continuity of education: Education is important and at no cost, it should be compromised. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, many schools were able to impart education to their students using online learning and the process continues. Imagine what would have happened to the education system in the absence of online learning methods. We can sail through a pandemic, without compromising on the consistency of education.

Evolution: The emergence of online classes has changed the face of the education system forever. Online learning has made students and teachers leave behind the traditional chalk and board method and adopt the evolving technology. Everyone is welcoming this change and broadening their horizon of knowledge while putting an end to the long-term trend of stagnancy. It has revolutionized the education system in every sense; be it teachers, students, or usage of technology, everything is evolving.

Interactive and innovative teaching methods: It is well known that the attention span of young kids is extremely small, and thus teachers are using innovative and interactive methods to gain their attention. Teachers are incorporating games, polls, interactive sessions, stories, and many other methods to keep the young minds engaged, and this results in a very effective form of learning. When such an approach is deployed, it not only keeps them engaged but also makes them understand things more clearly and in a better way.

Stress buster: The ongoing pandemic has been tough, especially for kids. Staying at home, not being able to go out and meet friends has taken a toll on them. In such a situation online learning comes as an aid to them since it lets them at least be virtually in the company of their classmates and friends. They get to interact with other kids and thus it makes online learning a huge stress buster.

Comfort to students: The biggest comfort factor of these classes is that students get to attend them without them having to leave their house. Apart from the comfort of their house, it also provides them the confidence and environment to be interactive. Some students feel shy to interact in a traditional classroom setup, for such students virtual chatrooms and audio interactive sessions can act as a boon.

Ease of attendance: Online classes are known to have higher attendance as compared to traditional classes; reasons can be many. When you attend online classes you don’t need to commute, leave your house, or wear a uniform and these factors result in maintaining high attendance.

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