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An Early Good Nurturing – For a Child to Develop Greater Skills!

An Early Good Nurturing – For a Child to Develop Greater Skills!

May, 15 2020

Every student is bestowed with talent, too a large extent it depends on the environment in which they are brought up and the good nurture they receive at an early stage of their life. There is at least one skill that every child can be good at however, education experts believe that when such talents are not discovered early in life, they are most likely to go to waste.

Young children often find it difficult to understand their true hidden potential, talent, or skills and cannot figure out what they are good at if they do not receive multidisciplinary support from parents and teachers. Thus if they receive good nurturing it will enable them to build strong personalities and explore their capabilities.

When the skills and talents of children are discovered at a young age this not only helps them to excel in school but instills confidence and leadership qualities that will go long way in the future.  Identifying talents can be a stepping stone for young people because in today’s society, what most companies need are extra skills that go along with academic achievements. A good nurturing makes it easier for individuals to adapt to new skills and have a strong foothold in the job market.

If you are worried as parents about your child’s future and wondering how to find the right guidance for the perfect nurturing then your answer is here.

Jain International Residential School (JIRS) is the leading global residential school of Bengaluru, which has set the highest standard of academic achievement, intellectual growth, developing a righteous mind, and sportsmanship among the students. JIRS is ranked no. 1 among the top Boarding Schools in India for Academic Reputation, Sports Education, and Holistic Development and Infrastructure provisions.

When your child comes to JIRS, it’s a commitment to provide the best environment for the growth and learning of your child. They develop leadership qualities, an independent mindset, and better decision making abilities. In a residential school like JIRS, they completely submerge themselves into an academic ecosystem that nurtures them well and enables them to engage their mind in various activities making them more efficient and smart.

Ample extracurricular activities to choose from such as art, dance, music, sports, and efficient nurturing and support of the teachers allow the child to explore his or her talents and interest. Sports being one of the most important activities and is encouraged thoroughly among students at JIRS as it enhances the fitness of mind and body to foster qualities like discipline, teamwork, and consistency.

At JIRS it is made sure that educators and parents work as a team to help learners identify their talents and develop new life skills for a better future.  As children’s become a part of the JIRS family they are constantly motivated, their strengths and weakness are identified, analyzed, and are given the total care and nurturing to help the child go the extra mile.

Every child is treated as a unique individual and is provided with the scope to try different things and understand oneself better.  Students are given proper counseling and inspired to acquire skills and discover talents that can have greater beneficial impacts of personal growth and society as a whole.

Thus as parents, it is a serious responsibility to find the finest learning destination for their child and understand the roadmap for an early nurturing to enhance their child’s bright future.


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