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How to Choose the Best CBSE Co-Education Boarding Schools in India

How to Choose the Best CBSE Co-Education Boarding Schools in India

Jul, 05 2021

Parents want their children to receive the best education and upbringing. Many parents send their children to a residential school for them to acquire holistic education that includes academics, sports, discipline, and many other aspects. The popularity of this format of education has resulted in the emergence of countless boarding schools in India.

In India, the concept of residential schools isn't something new. It dates back centuries. Back in those days, students would reside in a gurukul setup where teachers would impart knowledge about academics, war training, political tactics, and physical training. The modern-day residential schools draw inspiration from the traditional gurukul system but follow a contemporary approach. Co-educational residential schools offering a CBSE curriculum enjoy the maximum popularity among parents as they provide holistic development and a uniform approach towards studies.

Once parents are sure that they want to send their child to a residential school, the next step is to find the right school to ensure that their child receives the best education and a suitable environment. Here are some of the points that parents must consider while choosing a boarding school for their child:

Identify Schools: At this stage, you must explore any and every school that catches your eye. Conduct thorough research by going through each school’s website and reading what other parents and students have to say about the school. The easy way to go about it is to get organized by making a list of these schools.

Narrow Your Options: This is the most time-consuming part of the whole process. Since you are looking for a co-educational school that offers a CBSE curriculum, you must identify such schools from your cumulative list. The school must deliver on your expectations and requirements. At this point, you must consider the interests and opinions of your child. Allow your child to help you narrow down your options. Choose what’s best for your child and suits your requirements as this step is all about personalization.

Visit the Campus: Though most of the school websites offer a virtual tour of their campus, parents should visit the campus physically. Certain things cannot be determined through online research when it comes to choosing the right school. You must visit the school and ask as many questions as you can. Visiting the campus will give you a better idea of the environment, quality of education, actual student-teacher ratio, safety, and security.

Curriculum: Getting to know the curriculum offered by the school is the most crucial step in choosing the right school. The residential schools in India provide various curriculums to choose from, but CBSE is considered one of the best. The board is recognized by the government of India. It offers an easy approach and is considered quite helpful when it comes to relocation for its uniform approach.

Infrastructure and co-curricular activities: Quality infrastructure is very important for young children to acquire overall development. Education is not merely restricted to academics. When children are involved in sports and engaged in co-curricular activities they enhance their chances of becoming a well-round adult. Thus, you must look for a school that provides the best infrastructure and amenities.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Protocols: The COVID-19 pandemic has made the school's cleanliness, disinfection, and hygiene protocols an extremely important factor to be considered. Dealing with infection outbreaks, prevention of future pandemics, and children’s health safety has become the top priority. Schools must make disinfection practices regular and focus on the need for better toilets and common areas. There should be a provision of study from home for children if they are sick.

Miscellaneous Factors: Apart from the above mentioned factors there are many other points that parents must keep in mind while making the selection; these factors include discipline, independence, social environment, quality of emotional and psychological support, safety, security, admission process, yearly expenses, food quality, fees, pastoral care, location, etc.

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