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Why should you consider CBSE Curriculum while selecting the Best International Schools in Bangalore?

Why should you consider CBSE Curriculum while selecting the Best International Schools in Bangalore?

Jul, 10 2023

Are you looking for international schools in Bangalore?
If yes, then we recommend you consider the international schools with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The CBSE curriculum being one of the most prestigious educational boards in India comes with a lot of advantages. This standardised curriculum is offered in 24 countries around the world.

In a fast-paced, vibrant city like Bangalore that boasts a strong presence in IT and technological industries, the quality of education is of premium standards.  The strong educational system is lined with esteemed schools, colleges, and universities, allowing you to explore a bright educational future for your child. For your child’s seamless educational experience, we have listed down the reasons why you must consider the CBSE curriculum in Bangalore’s leading international schools.

National and International Recognition
The CBSE curriculum is extremely popular throughout the country and out of all the schools available, the majority of them follow the CBSE board. CBSE is recognised by the Government of India, and its uniform curriculum across its affiliated schools ensures standardisation in education. CBSE is also recognised by international educational institutes and universities. Its wide presence in India and countries like Singapore, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East is a testament to CBSE’s national and international recognition. This wide-scale accessibility and standardisation also allow you to shift to different parts of the country or abroad without worrying much about the change in the education framework.

Comprehensive and Balanced Education
The CBSE curriculum is a holistic approach to education, emphasising both academic excellence and co-curricular activities. It also evaluates your child's academic performance as well as extracurricular activities in the examinations. The evaluation method is based on co-scholastic activities such as life skills, ethics, and values, and physical education. This integrated and balanced format of education aims to provide a well-rounded education through cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skill development.

Gateway to Competitive Examinations
CBSE designs its curriculum in such a way that it helps your child prepare for competitive examinations such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET). If your child aspires to pursue a career in engineering or medicine, the CBSE curriculum can align well with the preparation for these competitive exams. Exposure to the curriculum allows your child to acquire a strong understanding and foundation of the subjects, which helps them prepare for the entrance exams.

Diverse Subject Choices and a Standardised Curriculum
The CBSE curriculum offers a wide range of subjects, enabling students to pursue their interests and strengths. It provides flexibility in subject selection, allowing students to choose elective subjects based on their career aspirations and future academic goals. Moreover, it also follows a standardised framework. This ensures consistency in content, teaching methodologies, and assessment practices across different CBSE-affiliated schools. This standardisation allows for easier benchmarking and comparison of students' progress and performance.

Instills Values and Ethics
If you think that school is the second home for your child, then you should choose a curriculum that emphasises moral values, ethics, and social responsibility. CBSE is one such curriculum that incorporates moral science as a mandatory subject in the curriculum. This subject focuses on developing your child’s character, morality, empathy, and integrity. It provides a platform for your child to understand and reflect upon good and bad, moral dilemmas, and the ethical decision-making process. This value-based education nurtures them to become responsible citizens and contribute positively to society.

Way Forward
To put it in a nutshell, considering the CBSE curriculum while selecting the best international schools in Bangalore can be a wise decision for several reasons. CBSE offers national and international recognition, providing a standardised education framework that allows for seamless transitions across different schools and even countries. The curriculum offers a comprehensive and balanced approach to education, emphasising both academic excellence and co-curricular activities. It also serves as a gateway to competitive examinations, aligning well with the preparation for engineering and medical entrance exams. Moreover, CBSE instils values and ethics through its curriculum, fostering the development of character, empathy, and social responsibility in your child. By considering the CBSE curriculum, you can provide your child with a quality education that prepares them for future success and instils important life values.

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