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Tips to Prepare for Admission in Top-Ranking International Residential Schools of India

Tips to Prepare for Admission in Top-Ranking International Residential Schools of India

Sep, 28 2021

Choosing a school for your child’s building years is very vital for their stable career.  Bringing up a kid is a task of a huge responsibility that needs a lot of patience and we millennial parents owing to our busy life schedule at times cannot spare enough time for our kids even if we try ardently.

Residential schools have hence evolved as a favorable concept for most parents not only because of their sparse time for their kids but also because of the holistic form of education these schools provide. Moreover, most of the modern top-ranking international residential schools are centrally located in urban/ metro cities, hence you can meet your kid often or you can even bring them back home on weekends. Talking about holistic education; residential schools these days offer much more than just classroom education. They give equal importance to performing arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities for kids paving their way for becoming successful residents of a country.

However, there are certain groundworks that your child must-do if you are aiming his /her admission to a top-ranking international residential school. Life in a residential school is completely different from that of home life and it would take a lot of time and effort for both kids and teenagers to adjust to that life. A great responsibility lies on the parents to help their children cope up with this new life. Here are some tips which we have enlisted that will help your child to get adjusted to the new environment of international residential schools.

  1. Adherence to routine - All the top residential schools believe in following a structure and inculcating their students with a sense of discipline. While preparing for admission to top-ranking international residential schools you must prepare your child with such routine habits that are suitable for life in residential school. The transition from home life to school life is not easy, kids will have to cope with strict routines like waking up early morning, having fixed meals, organizing their belongings, and a lot of such things. Students are also engaged in regular physical exercises for residential schools believe in both mental and physical enrichment of students.
  2. Preparing for the entrance examination - Almost all residential schools admit students based on the results of the entrance examination, hence preparation is needed in this aspect as well. Your child should know about the subjects specific to their age and class. Like in Jain International Residential School, there is an all-inclusive entrance examination, that evaluates the students based on their arithmetic, English comprehension, and reasoning ability.
  3. Preparing for admission interviews - Most of the residential schools take face-to-face interviews of their prospective students, to evaluate the level of their confidence and their attitude. So you can prepare your kid by setting up mock interviews at home or talking with them boosting their confidence.
  4. Learn to be self-dependent - In residential schools, students have to take care of themselves. Of course, the house parents and teachers are there to help them every time necessary, but they must do their chores themselves.  Hence you will have to train your kid prior at home.
  5. Develop a liberal behavior - Once your kid gets admission to top-ranking international residential schools, they will have to co-inhabit with children from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and places. Hence they must be flexible and adaptable to the new living conditions. Your kid will also have to adapt to the new learning methods and new rules of boarding life. There are a lot of scopes of adjustment, and the more liberal your kid is, the easier will be the hostel life for him.

In his/her residential school life your kid will be exposed to an altogether different environment. They will have to move out of their comfort zone to be and it will be then that their actual learning begins. A child’s true potential is never unleashed unless they are put under adverse conditions. So try these tips and prepare your child for successful admission to top-ranking international schools in India. These attitudes will not only ensure your child a good academic career, but it will also ensure a strong personality in his future life.

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