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Residential School that Transforms your Child into Independent and Resilient Individuals!

Residential School that Transforms your Child into Independent and Resilient Individuals!

May, 26 2020

Every parent wants to see their child flourish; and excel to find their passions, meet a diverse range of people and gain the experiences that better prepares them for adulthood. When your child takes their first few steps away from the family home, it feels good to know that your child is safe as they move towards their journey of self dependence.

Boarding school welcomes your child into an international community where they are encouraged to grow as an individual.  They spend their formative years learning the fundamentals of education along with a diverse mix of young people who come from different backgrounds. This not only broadens their horizon of knowledge but helps them to develop a liberal and multidisciplinary approach towards life.

In the beginning it is always tough send your child away from home, but as parents when you come to terms that they are receiving an unparalleled education –making new friends and developing a clear sense of self – is something that cannot be priced. The Independent personality that your child will gain in a residential school prepares them for university life and the world beyond education, giving them an edge when it comes to those crucial future applications of the competitive world.

A child living with family becomes much reliable on them for most of their life decisions and transition to adulthood becomes challenging. However in a residential or a boarding school students are immersed in a 24/7 learning experience with a holistic approach ranging from academics, sports, art, culture, music etc. The students have the support of caring and experienced teachers who encourage them to be resilient and independent decision makers. The students are able to navigate the highs and low of life with maturity and confidence.

If you are wondering about the best residential school for your child then you must know about “Jain international Residential School” (JIRS).  It is a global residential school that welcomes students from different parts of the world this has enabled the students to meet, appreciate and learn about different cultures from the friendships which they form and develop an independent liberal mindset. JIRS also encourages and provides numerous opportunities to be a part of educational student exchange programs to countries like Germany, Australia, and many more.

Being situated in one of the most beautiful and advanced cities of India (Bangalore), with a global campus, modern curriculum and excellent amenities for extra-curricular activities, makes JIRS the ideal destination for parents to send their child. It provides a platform to achieve the best prospect for their kids to become the future leaders of tomorrow and make great contributions to society.

At JIRS students are taught to inculcate the skills of 21 st century and mould them into powerhouse of talents, enabling them to emerge triumphant of any challenge with confidence. Students are nurtured to grow as global citizens of tomorrow with the ability to think independently with a broader perspective armed with conviction, compassion towards all life forms and act with thoughtfulness and humanity.


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