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Literary Journey: IBDP World Literature vs. CIE Literature vs. CBSE Literature

Literary Journey: IBDP World Literature vs. CIE Literature vs. CBSE Literature

Jan, 16 2024

The literature journey is more than just language development, instead, it is a fundamental subject inclusive of factors that help in the overall development of students. English language and literature have been included in the school curriculum to develop the student’s cognitive development, improve their critical thinking capacity, and render exposure to various cultural contexts and more. Further, the subject is introduced to the student on a mandatory note to cultivate a strong grasp of literature. Literature indeed evokes a sense of compassion and shapes the possibly unrecognised element of creativity and communication.

All three educational boards, the International Baccalaureate Board, Cambridge International Examination Board, and Central Board of Secondary Education have curated the curriculum of English Language and Literature from Primary classes to Senior Secondary after extensive research and studies. Each novel extract and poetry you come across in the course curriculum aids in a deeper understanding of literary history, theory, criticism and intellectual traditions.

IBDP World Literature

The curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme provides the students with a rigorous exploration of various literary works that were drafted at different timelines with diversity in the content and timezone being kept intact. IBDP offers English at two levels, HL and SL (HIGHER LEVEL and STANDARD LEVEL) respectively. English curricula for both levels are designed with precision to nurture the comprehension and cognitive ability of the students thereby carving out a compassionate and kind personality among the students.

International Baccalaureate Board puts a strong emphasis on global recognition and perspectives, this in turn gives the student to get engaged with literary works from all across the world and further understand the style and diverse tone of language used. Further, getting involved with the IBDP literature helps in the overall enhancement of communication skills, interdisciplinary connections, personal development, and language proficiency through the various innovative teaching techniques adapted and through the texts prescribed by the educational board of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

CIE Literature

Cambridge International Examinations Board Literature is inclusive of numerous poetic works taken from poets all around the world and popular at time periods of different historical contexts.

Adding on to poetries, CIE literature also features a number of essays and short stories for students to interpret and comprehend the underlying meaning and the morals they try to deliver through these. Apart from the above-discussed factors, CIE literature also fosters critical thinking capability in students and the course curriculum also helps in setting a solid foundation in literature and artwork which drives the students towards developing the appropriate skills required and personality traits that are required to lead a kind and compassionate life.

CBSE Literature

CBSE English Literature is an amalgamation of very powerful literature works written by writers from all around the world who happened to exist at different time periods. Each literature piece you come across in the CBSE curriculum syllabus has a strong sense of emotion and morals to convey which further enhances the extensive cognitive development skills in students. English language and literature is a mandatory subject throughout the course of schooling from primary years to senior secondary years. The rich and diverse cultural nature of the literature text design of CBSE further makes the learning experience an interesting one for the students.

In Short

Of all the subjects the student might come across in her/her schooling time period, English language and literature tend to have a lasting impact on the different elements the chapter exposes you to. Literature is a mandatory subject for a student's overall development and growth and to nurture the features of compassion and kindness. The world needs more compassionate and kind people and literature helps in carving out students the ideal way with values and ethics.

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