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Jain International Residential School Model United Nations 2.0

Jain International Residential School Model United Nations 2.0

Nov, 11 2017

A three day Model United Nations conference was held at Jain International Residential School, Bengaluru from 9 – 11 November 2017. The MUN theme of the year is “Child Abuse” and the occasion was graced by Dr. Shailaja Shastri as the Guest of Honor and Wg Cdr K.L.Ganesh (Retd) as the Chief Guest.

During the opening ceremony held on the 9 November 2017, Wg Cdr K.L.Ganesh (Retd) emphasized upon working on the eradication of child abuse by joining hands with great people like Kailash Sathyarthe “Bachpan Bachao Andolan”, Malala and endless list of amazing personalities. Having served in armed forces for 25 years, he emphasized on the need to change the mindset and time in order to change the course of history.

In alignment to the MUN theme of the year “Child Abuse”, Dr. Shailaja Shastri, the Guest of Honor spoke about the various forms of child abuse ranging from emotional, physical, mental, sexual, domestic and family violence and child labor. She also discussed the immediate and long-term after effects of child abuse on the victim and stressed this as a global problem. She shared ideas about possible solutions to overcome this global problem.

JIRSMUN 2.0 is an extraordinary intellectual and social conference that brings together an absolutely amazing assortment of young minds from across India. This forum aims to engage in cultural exchange and gain first-hand experience of negotiating processes by playing the role of diplomats. They unfailingly leave a priceless page in the book of memories of all those associated with it.

Model United Nations is an exemplary educational platform available for the next generation of world leaders to enrich their thought-process and shape their character. It lays down a path to attain the much-needed diplomacy and wit to develop into a successful citizen of the 21st century.

MUN imbibes in students an imperative skill to thrive in our society including communication and interaction. Oratory and debating skills come hand in hand with an intense 3-day MUN experience.

As they step into the conference they adorn the character of the most skilled diplomats of the world, leaving behind their individual identities to find a possible solution to the most deep-rooted global problem.

The MUN 2.0 came to an end on the 11 November 2017 with the concluding remarks by Wg Cdr K.L.Ganesh (Retd) who lauded the student’s role as diplomats. He was hopeful the students will work towards a brighter and safer world for the generations to live on.

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