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Comparison of IBDP, CIE Global Perspectives, and CBSE Interdisciplinary  Approaches

Comparison of IBDP, CIE Global Perspectives, and CBSE Interdisciplinary Approaches

Apr, 22 2024

The ever-evolving landscape of education gracefully approaches a holistic method of learning with the help of various educational boards. Gone are the days of conventional methods of assessment criteria and following mainstream subjects. The present-day education sector has advanced so well that it led to the introduction of numerous integrated and new-age subjects thereby addressing the interests and needs of a wider student population.

IBDP, CIE and CBSE Cambridge have created frameworks that are distinctive and appropriate for students seeking a well-rounded education. In this article, we shall delve into the subject diversity offered by each of these educational boards along with the other quintessential features of training techniques and outcomes of the new courses.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The globally recognised educational board of IBDP aims to promote education beyond the conventional subjects and methods of learning. The IBDP curriculum is structured to foster the overall growth of students and beyond the physical, emotional, academic and skill development. With equal importance given to sports and games, creative activities and other personality developmental activities, the IB board’s interdisciplinary approach is a game changer. The flexibility to mix and match the main-stream subjects helps students vividly discover their area of interest.

On looking deeper into the IBDP training techniques, the educational board practices more application-based learning with active discussions and practical experiments. Additionally, the choice of selection of subjects at HL and SL levels helps students recognise their educational needs and further enhancements.

Further, their main assessment criteria of TOK, CAS and Extended Essays account for efficient assessments. The former methods also give them the right gateway to explore and present their depth of understanding of concepts and discover their preferred area of study.

Cambridge International Examination

CIE educational board has a thematic approach to studies and their interdisciplinary approach to subjects helps students to engage with global issues and critical thinking aspects. CIE also provides students with ample amount of flexible options to choose their primary subjects followed by application-based learning with theoretical justifications. The practised interdisciplinary approach helps students to engage in a holistic learning experience by actively incorporating innovative training and assessment techniques. Research report component assessment criteria advised by the educational board help the students to be involved in in-depth analysis and exploration of their chosen field of interest.

Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE functions by providing overall growth and development guidance to students at different levels, ranging from academic excellence to building physical strengths, skills enhancements are more. The educational board of CBSE promotes general studies with multidisciplinary projects and assessments till the 10th. Followed by giving students the option to choose their preferred subjects from a broader slot of subjects. Additionally, students also get the option to mix and match subjects of their interest take a deviation from the conventional subjects and discover their field of interest.
CBSE curriculum also has inculcated continuous assessments, investigatory projects and regular examinations at the senior level to systematically help the students identify their suitable field of study.

In Short

It’s an undeniable fact that the International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International Examination and Central Board of Secondary Education are the most reliable and reputed educational boards available for students. With their global recognition and ability to incorporate different subjects, all three educational boards aim to provide the utmost fruitful learning experience. Which in turn helps students discover their area of interest and suitable career pathways. IBDP, CIE and CBSE have put forth the flexibility of choosing their subject of interest and the depth of exploration. The ideal choice of selection for the suitable list of subjects depends on individual preferences and career prospective planning. However, the provision to opt for subjects flexibly and with the inclusion of off-stream and new-age subjects has brought light to the interdisciplinary approach in the educational sector.

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