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Crucial Life Skills You Learn in an International Boarding School

Crucial Life Skills You Learn in an International Boarding School

Dec, 07 2021

In the last 15 years, there has been 10 times growth in the number of International Schools in India says a survey by Research Gate. Although Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is the most established program adopted by the International Schools across India. Some of them either integrate the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in their curriculum and Pedagogy. Currently, there are approximately seven hundred International Schools in India that offer international education up to the middle and high school levels.

Crucial skills learnt by students in International Schools

Undoubtedly, getting an education in International Schools is much more advantageous because it implements a curriculum that prepares students to fit in the modern labour market and be responsible global citizens. Here are some added benefits of International Schools you must look into:

  • Growing at par with global standards - As the term, ‘International School’ clearly represents education that is offered in line with foreign education. Many schools combine elements of more than one system so that students can be prepared to be more suitable for the global labour market.

    For example, the comprehensive International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) offered by Jain International Residential Schools (JIRS) is not only focused on academic and other social skills of the students but rather also focuses on personality development of students by shaping their approach towards integrity, liberty of thought and sense of discipline.
  • Scope of learning Foreign Language - As already said International Schools introduce students to foreign culture providing them ample scope to learn foreign languages apart from vernacular language and English. Like in JIRS the students enrolled under IGCSE Program from Grade 8 to 10, and 9 to10 have a scope to learn three languages.

    This naturally brings spontaneity in the learning process that nurtures the inquisitive nature of children. Every language has its valuable aura that broadens young minds so that they can adapt even in unfavourable conditions and be successful in life.
  • Great communication skills - One of the major drawbacks of the existing educational system in India is the lower student-teacher ratio. But the picture is quite different in International Schools, where the student-teacher ratio remains high on average. Hence students communicate more with teachers and learn new concepts easily due to more intensive care by the teachers. The aim of this program is not to mug the textbooks, rather learn more real-life applicable concepts from the teacher.
  • International exposure for higher grade students - The programs of International Schools are globally accredited, so getting your kid admitted to these schools will open to him a whole world of opportunities. Many regional certificates might not be accepted by foreign universities, but, a student from International Schools has much fewer chances of rejection on the contrary. The unique grading system is highly accepted by institutions worldwide providing them an extensive opportunity for higher studies and scholarships.

With such benefits would you not be interested in providing your kid a better future? With highly refined education systems, international standards, exposure to multiple languages and cultures your child will naturally have a competitive advantage over other students from the contemporary curriculum.

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