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Creative Ways to Promote Physical Activity in School

Creative Ways to Promote Physical Activity in School

Dec, 19 2022

The declining levels of physical activity in children are resulting in many chronic diseases including obesity and diabetes. Physical activity must be promoted in every school and should not be limited to just the specific physical education class time. Instead, schools must try to inculcate physical activities throughout school time and encourage parents for after-school physical activities too. Even, there are adequate proven records that clearly demonstrate better academic performance by students who are physically active. Sports and physical activity ensure good health and fitness in children and almost, all of us are well aware of the popular saying “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”!

Schools can introduce age-appropriate physical activities and motivate students to participate. So, what are some creative ways to promote physical activity in school? Read below and discover yourself!

Creative & Efficient Ways to Promote Physical Activity in School

Introduce warm-ups
Be it simple aerobics, yoga sessions, or basic physical exercises, every school must introduce some sort of physical warm-up for students. The most suitable time for the same will be right after the assembly.

Integrate content with physical activity
Ask teachers to try and integrate content with physical activities. This is particularly helpful for pre-primary and primary students. For instance, teachers or mentors can ask students to do some action instead of simply explaining a poem or chapter. Let them jump, clap or squat. Tiny inputs and tricks like doing five jumps after every two lines will help kids stay active and happy while they read and learn.

Organize walking clubs
Schools can also organize walking clubs and involve and encourage students, teachers, and parents to join the same. Pedometers can also be distributed for step count records. Community walking activity is indeed a great way to encourage physical activity in students as well as in adults.

Ensure physical activity breaks after every period
Even a two or three-minute break for physical activity after every period can keep students physically active. Teachers can motivate students to stretch in the classroom or take a walk in the corridor during such breaks.

Give tangible rewards & freebies
Offering rewards to physically active students is a tried-and-tested way to boost sports and physical activity interest in students. Schools can give tangible rewards and distribute freebies to students who are members of games clubs or participate regularly in any physical activity. Also, organizing frequent outdoor games and sports contests helps stimulate interest in students to stay physically active.

Write holiday celebration letters to parents
It’s a nice gesture and a wonderful step to send letters to parents while the holiday celebration is about to begin. School authorities can brief and guide parents to motivate their children to stay physically active during the holidays.

Conclusion - Go DEAP from DEAR
Being adults, all of us understand the value of physical fitness. The next generation which is highly inclined towards technology and spends much time before screens must be made aware of the fact that health is the foremost priority and should not be compromised in any condition. We must encourage our upcoming generation to stay physically fit and active. We should transform our thinking from DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) to DEAP (Drop Everything And Play).

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