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'Peace Makers’ stole hearts at the JIRS’ 15th annual day celebrations!

'Peace Makers’ stole hearts at the JIRS’ 15th annual day celebrations!

Feb, 28 2017

Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean! Goes a saying. Recently, students of Jain International Residential School witnessed and experienced this quote during their annual day celebration where, a single thought of tenth standard Jigyasha Kathrani turned out to be a mass movement for a noble cause.

At boarding schools, for the overall development of children, Music, Dance, Paintings, Cookery etc. are introduced to the students as part of co-curricular activities. But, when students make use of these activities for a social cause how will it be? When this question stroke sixteen-year old Jigyasha’s mind, she immediately teamed-up with her schoolmates to execute a master plan.

As part of her plan, Jigyasha took her first step by asking her schoolmates who were good at drawing to paint their colorful imagination on canvas. And later she teamed-up with her mates and prepared chocolates, Jigyasha Preparing Chocolatescookies and snacks with the support of JIRS chefs for almost three days. After spending almost forty hours, Jigyasha and team were ready with some wonderful paintings, crafts and delicious eateries to sell during annual day function for the parents. The money raised through this activity was planned to buy books, gifts, and dresses for the children whom Jigyasha recently met during her project work at an orphanage.

“They say social service starts at home. And it is true in our case, as Jain International Residential School is home-away-from-home for us. Today, what we learnt at JIRS has been executed in real-time for a good cause. When recently, I met few children, I was awestruck by their life aspirations which inspired me to come up with ‘Peace Makers’ concept. All these activities made us to realise how lucky we are and also added a beautiful life lesson that If we wish to do something good, we shouldn’t think twice to execute it” said, Jigyasha with a confident smile.

When Ranvir was asked about being a part of his friend’s initiative, he said “Jigyasha had a clarity in her plan and its execution and we just followed her foot-steps. We are overwhelmed with the kind of response we got from our parents and management for this initiative which motivated us to do more of these stuffs in future.”

Well, when the school annual day celebrations have been conceived as an entertaining element these days, Jigyasha’s initiative is truly commendable which showed a new path for blissful annual day celebration!

P S – Team Peace Makers Jigyasha Kathrani, Vaishnav Madhusudhan, Kripa, Sanjana Virwani, Divya Jalan, Prayag, Nakul, Kanishk, Neal, Ranvir, and Amin


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