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10 reasons to study in a residential school

10 reasons to study in a residential school

Nov, 01 2017

Before taking a final call on sending their children to a residential school, parents are often in dilemma about its advantages. It is a home away from home that focuses not only on academics but also on the overall personality development of a child. It provides a conducive environment for learning, to grow in academics, sports and prepare them to face a rapidly changing world.

Although every parent wants their child to live and study at home during their school years, there are several factors that hinder them from doing so. But for those parents who prefer sending their children to a residential school, Jain International Residential School is the best choice due to the exposure and multitude of facilities a child receives there.

As a parent or a student, you may wonder how a residential school contributes differently than a day school towards the upbringing of a child. Here are a few reasons as to why being enrolled in a residential school is the best step to take.

  • Your child will make friends for life: In a residential school, your child will always be surrounded by your peers, friends, seniors, juniors whether it is in the class, hostel, cafeteria, library, sports, recreational or leisure time. Situations encourage your child to bond with other children despite the age or personal differences or class and students remain friends, long after they have passed out from school. They remain in touch even as they advance towards their individual careers, family or elderly life. In a residential school where students look out for each other and help each other in times of need. Owing to the diverse group of students flocking in from all around the world, JIRS is successful in fostering mutual harmony and unity in diversity.
  • International academic exposure: As an International residential school, JIRS offers three curriculum options – CBSE, CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program).
  • Your child will be open to new challenges: A child studying in a residential school will be faced with a lot of opportunities which may prove challenging to the student at times. From learning a new language like German, French or Spanish to learning a new musical instrument for the school band, your child can opt to participate in any of these activities.JIRS also engages children in various other platforms like the Duke of Edinburgh Leadership Programme, Gavel’s Toastmasters Club, Theatre, Model United Nations, Harvard Model Congress, Student Exchange programmes, International Education Tours, Trekking and Adventure Camps.
  • Your child will learn to be responsible for themselves: Although a student in a residential school grows in a supervised setting, they will still have to be responsible for themselves and their personal belongings. As you are living with hundreds of other children from various parts of the country, it is not going to be as easy as or comfortable like staying at home. Right from managing their toiletries, to their stationery and books, each student is responsible for their own belonging. This will promote a sense of responsibility among children from an early age.
  • Your child can easily adapt to a new environment: It is seen that a student who has been brought up in a residential school can quickly adapt to any given new environment. A student is usually as young as 6 years old when they are sent to residential schools where they stay until the time they finish their high school. Initially, everyone gets homesick but children learn to adjust to the new settings by making friends, joining sports, engaging in elocution, book clubs, thus keeping themselves occupied.They gradually accept the challenge of staying away from home and these challenges help them in coping with changes in their later life. They develop an attitude of self-dependence which gets embedded in their lifestyle.
  • Disciplined and a safe life – A child staying in a residential school is exposed to a routine life right from the very beginning. The routine begins with the rising morning bell leading to breakfast, followed by classes, then lunch, playtime followed by evening studies, dinner and then bedtime.He/she is under constant supervision of a warden, tutor, teacher giving the student a sense of safety and security. The entrances are always locked and monitored closely to avoid any security threats.
  • Your child will have better social skills– A boarding school provides a child a sense of being a part of a community as they learn to interact, share and behave within the social circle of their friends, peers, seniors, and adult children from different cities, family upbringing, backgrounds reside under one roof in the residential school for a complete school year. Initially, a child may feel homesick but gradually they learn to enjoy the school due to their company of their friends. They also become confident and assertive to express their opinions and interest about various subject matters.
  • Teachers are like family: Teachers in residential school care a lot about children. They are the guardians entrusted by the school to look after the children. Most teachers live on the campus and are readily available to students. They are constantly evolving with the students, understanding them and improving them in different ways as a student as well as a person.
  • Exchange program opportunities: JIRS encourages and provides numerous opportunities to be a part of educational student exchange programs to countries like Germany, Australia, and many
  • Specialized sport training opportunities: JIRS has a specialized sports academy (JASE) with around 40 highly experienced trainers who impart professional coaching to students. You will find squash, golf, equestrian, ten-pin bowling facility, apart from the popular games such as cricket, football, basketball, and tennis. The Natatorium is equivalent to that of an Olympic size.

As one of the top international schools in Bengaluru, JIRS is a residential school established with a vision to build a student’s strong foundation of academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness & behavior, sportsmanship and to be a global citizen.


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