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Why International Residential Schools are Becoming the Primary Choice For Parents

Oct, 25 2021

The time when we millennials were going to school, it was all about studying and marks. The present-day schools are much more evolved, now it is much more than just education. Schools now look after the all-round development of the students and prepare them for the challenges of future life. Residential schools have taken an additional step by developing in students a habit of self-inculcating discipline, a positive personality, and self-righteousness so that they can grow to become responsible global citizens.

Choosing the right schools for one’s child is undoubtedly a tough decision and if the choice is between a residential school and a day school, the choice seems to be terribly difficult. New-age parents while they want the best for their kid and want to spend maximum time with them, but on the other hand, they are extremely busy. They are unable to provide a child the company they need. There are many reports of children facing behavioral disorders resulting from this lack of time.

International residential schools can provide a holistic solution for parents in bringing up their kids. Residential schools are no longer located on lone hilltops or outskirts of the locality where you would be unable to meet your kid. Most of the International Residential Schools are located in the urban surroundings of popular metro cities where you can meet or bring them back home on weekends. This residential school provides every care to students from nutritious and delicious food to adequate academic care.

There are some other such reasons due to which millennial parents are preferring residential schools over day schools. We have listed some of the reasons as follows:

Exciting cheerful stay with same-age friends

There is nothing better if children and adolescents get to spend time with friends, play with them. It also keeps away feelings of loneliness or depression or any behavioral disorders which they experience in case parents are not able to give them enough time. In residential schools, kids co-reside with their friends, learn to share things with them, and be at home away from home. Staying with kids belonging to different origins and backgrounds develops their communication skills. Residential schools are great for kids who are introverts as well.

Kids grow to become more disciplined and responsible

In a residential school, kids must take self-responsibility. Of course, there are teachers and wardens and house parents who take care of them, but they have to take self-care, eat their own food, and do daily chores themselves. They have to follow the rules as well; in-time homework, meals on time and keep things organized. Since they inculcate these habits from childhood, they grow to be self-dependent individuals with an innate sense of discipline and responsibility.

Holistic academic and extracurricular development

Residential schools have the necessary monitoring to help students in their after-school studies. They have a fixed timetable to complete their study and homework without and distraction. If they have any extracurricular interests, the residential school provides the necessary facility and care for them to pursue their interest. They get a distraction-free environment where they can concentrate on their studies and interests and be successful in future life.

The global curriculum of International Residential schools

International schools have a very comprehensive curriculum that is focused more on students learning rather than the legacy cramming curriculum. These schools have a multi-disciplinary approach that prepares students on a global level. Students have a higher chance of being accepted in foreign universities passing out from these schools. They arrange every facility for supporting the overall growth of the students. Many leading international schools has tie-ups with several leading global institutions for arranging placements in reputed universities with scholarships.

It is undoubtedly a difficult decision for parents to choose a boarding school for their kid, but it is indeed a very positive decision that will help the student flourish in his future life both academically and personally. An international residential school like JRIS gives your kid the best care possible for all-around development and experience life at home away from home.

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