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Student life at International Residential Schools in Bengaluru

Student life at International Residential Schools in Bengaluru

May, 04 2018

Today, we see that international residential schools have earned a sophisticated place in the field of quality education. Parallel to the image of a gurukul in the traditional Indian education history, they have claimed the position of providing holistic exposure through their education. Though many parents and guardians assume that a child studying in a residential school can hamper the “normal family” upbringing of the child. But there are many advantages or benefits for the students studying in international residential school.

International residential schools (or boarding schools) are commonly seen as home away from home, due to the kind of familial bonding that the students develop with each other and the opportunity to live in their own space. Though most parents fear that their children may take up negative influences from their peers, it is not completely so. Of course, it is a fun-filled environment, but most international residential schools are determined to discipline the wards under their care in a healthy manner through appropriate measures.

International residential students are carefully monitored by the staff, wardens and the caretakers at the school, keeping in mind that they are responsible for them in the absence of the family. This helps in building character and discipline among the children. Self-responsibility, time management, taking small but independent decisions, maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness of personal space, taking care of their belongings and things and learning to share and stay in the same space with others are some of the life lessons the children inculcate during their stay at the school.

One may be well-assured that the activities that the children are made to engage in are well-planned and developed with their best interests in mind. These regular activities help in building social skills like sharing and working as a team, leadership skills, learning to do things independently, and practicing group studies with peers. Other recreational activities like carefully-selected movie screenings, and exhibition of talents through various fun activities during occasions are also included in the routine of international residential schools.

Academics and learning is based on international standards builds the humaneness and tolerance to a variety of knowledge bases making them sensitive to learning more. Through all this, students develop close bonding with their peers, and build stable and long-living friendships for life. They learn to adjust with peers from various backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, resolve their differences maturely and understand where each of the others come from. The environment of the international ambience teaches them to develop humility and respect towards various communities and beliefs that other students bring along. This leads to the birth of an extended family laced with safety and value for each other.

Wondering where such schools can be found? Jain International Residential School is one among the best residential schools in the country and is situated in the city of Bengaluru. The school is designed keeping in mind holistic development of its students. Right from academics to sports and personal grooming to being independent, Jain International Residential School offers some the best residential education in Bengaluru. The children are nourished with quality food and values that enhance them, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A home away from home may sound cliché, but residential schools are surely an effective way to introduce children to a highly competitive world and equip them to challenge the odds confidently.


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