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Reasons Why JIRS is the Best International School in Bangalore

Reasons Why JIRS is the Best International School in Bangalore

Nov, 14 2022

Promoting education in an international framework while celebrating diverse cultures, countries and personalities, an International School not only follows a global curriculum but ensures that the students get the right environment to emerge as future global leaders. Rooted in tradition and yet making the students learn to prosper in the constantly changing world through top education and the best personality development, Jain International Residential School (JIRS) located in Bangalore is definitely the best international school in Bangalore.

Founded by Dr.Chenraj Roychand in 1999, JIRS does not only ensure immersive learning but also the holistic development of the students. Let us quickly take a look at the reasons why JIRS is considered the best international school in Bangalore.

Curriculum and Pedagogy
Ensuring global exposure to the students, JIRS offers three globally recognized curricula providing an encouraging and challenging environment for students as well as mentors. The rigorous course structures stimulate deep thinking skills and other competencies promising a better perspective in the candidates.

Well-facilitated Classroom with smart technology
From scientifically designed furniture, a sufficient storage facility, and smart screens to hi-tech projectors, and an overall motivating environment, the JIRS classrooms trigger curiosity and learning in students.

Spacious Library
The well-equipped and spacious two-floor library offers a wealth of information to students. The comprehensive and rich study materials give wide exposure to students and help revolutionize young minds.

Enriching Computer, Science, Math & Language Labs
The purpose-built computer labs at JIRS have best-in-class workstations with the most updated software so that students can hone their programming, reasoning, and design abilities. The Science, Math and language labs at JIRS are equipped with the most advanced tools and offer an amazing ambiance to satisfy the inquisitive nature of students.

Clubs & Activities to Develop Original Thinking & Leadership
Nurturing leadership qualities, important life skills, and various other abilities, the thoughtfully designed clubs and activities at JIRS help students improve their skills and learn the significance of responsibility through creative participation.  Students can be part of the following while being at JIRS.

  • Recreational & Hobby Club
  • Science Club
  • Harvard Model Congress
  • Model United Nations

Committees & Cells for the Wellbeing & Welfare of Students
Taking care of students’ well-being and welfare, JIRS runs various committees and cells like the Infirmary and Counselling, Safeguard, Grievance, and Redressal Committee, Wellness Committee and more that ensure good health and hygiene of students and provides complete support in solving students’ problems.

Best Sports Amenities
JIRS considers sports as an integral part of education. Emphasizing the strong connection between sports and academic success, JIRS offers world-class sports facilities to students along with experienced coaches and high-quality sports gear and equipment. The SportsPro Program and SportsFit Program help students get sport-specific training and maintain overall health and fitness, respectively.

Nestled in the beautiful and vast JGI Global Campus, Jain International Residential School (JIRS) has become the epitome of top-quality educational and holistic growth for students. Offering state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-designed international curricula, and an exhaustive range of facilities to students, JIRS is indeed the best international school in Bangalore.

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