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5 Desirable school qualities you must look before admitting your child

5 Desirable school qualities you must look before admitting your child

Nov, 23 2021

“What are the most desirable qualities of a school” is a question that educators have been asking since a long time which would help them in creating the finest educational environment. Educators are still in a déjà vu for there are multiple essential qualities that are necessary to make a school desirable. Every school have their area of excellence, some have great academics infrastructure, while some have rich alumni of an eminent sports person, while the faculty of some school is noteworthy.

However, there are a certain set of mandatory qualities of a school that you must check before admitting your kid. Here we have listed 5 of them:

  • International level Curriculum and Pedagogy - The school that you are selecting for your kid should follow a curriculum that is of international level. The world today is getting smaller and so your child will look for global opportunities in the future.

    Many schools today provide a combination of courses or an option of choosing between diverse curriculum and choice of subjects according to the interest of the student so that they grow to be more suitable for the global labour market.
  • Scope of learning Foreign Languages - As already said children of today are more interested in a curriculum that provides them exposure to the foreign culture. Hence they look forward to learning foreign languages apart from other mandatory languages and English.

    Consider the example of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Program, students of Grade 8 to 10, and 9 to10 can learn three languages. Such additions make the learning process interesting nurturing the inquisitive behaviours of children. Literature and language enrich a student’s personality that structures young minds so that they can become better citizens of tomorrow.
  • Special focus on every student - One of the major drawbacks of every educational system is the lower student-teacher ratio. However, best-in-class schools maintain a higher student-teacher ratio to provide special attention to every student. Students hence get the scope to communicate more with teachers thereby learning new concepts easily as a result of individual care by the teachers. Modern-day schools are not in favour of cramming textbooks, rather they advocate real-life applicable concepts for the students.
  • Global opportunities for higher grade students - Look for schools that have globally accredited programs, which will open to him a whole world of opportunities. Certificates of many domestic schools might not be recognized in overseas universities, but, but your kid will have a higher chance of acceptance in comparison to his competitors on the contrary. For example, international schools have a unique grading system that is highly accepted in all global institutions which provides them a broad opportunity for pursuing their higher studies and receiving scholarships.
  • Educational Infrastructure - Education today has evolved way far, digitization and technology have joined hands with education. Hence, schools that have good infrastructure for supporting the needs of the students should be preferred. A school should have well-equipped laboratories, libraries enriched with both books and audio-visual contents, good sports coaching, and facilities for nurturing the overall development of a growing child.

So you have the five most desirable qualities you must look for before admitting your child. Go ahead then!

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