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How Hostel Life of International Boarding Schools Grooms your Kid?

How Hostel Life of International Boarding Schools Grooms your Kid?

Sep, 20 2021

The concept of hostel life is not new in the Indian education system; it has been there since the Vedic ages. We all know about ancient universities like Nalanda and Takshashila or Indian gurukuls where students used to stay with their Gurus and embark on an academic journey, both spiritually and physically. International schools with hostels are similar to Indian gurukuls except for the modern touch; recycled gift in new packet!

The mention of hostel life evokes in many the image of distasteful food, uncomfortable beds, and gruesome wardens; thanks misconceptions people have acquired, but the real picture is much different. In a hostel, you get to make some of the best memories and find some of the best people of your life. However, if you compare hostel life with a home, that will not be just a comparison for, both are unique in their ways. While at home you get the warmth of your family, in hostel one learns to be self-reliant and feel unconditional bond of friendship.

Character traits kids acquire from hostel life

If you are planning to admit your kid to any international school with a hostel, here are some etiquettes your kid will imbibe in for life:

  • Learn to be Self-reliant and Disciplined – There is a certain ruleset of a hostel, one must wake up on time and do their chores themselves and follow a disciplined life. This makes your kid take up his responsibility from a young age inculcating self-reliance as a habit throughout entire life. Besides they gets to learn values like orderliness, punctuality as a result of following a disciplined life. In short, it makes your kids a better human being.
  • A Holistic approach towards life – In a hostel, a kid co-inhabits with other kids from different backgrounds, with diverse talents and ethnicity. It will develop in your kid a liberal mind-set and a holistic approach towards life: the real essence of education.
  • Excellent Academic record – Boarding provide kids with excellent educational facilities and a constructive study environment without any distraction. Furthermore, your kid will co-study with friends of the same age group which makes learning exciting, improving his/her academic records tremendously.
Facilities provided by International School with Hostel

Residential schools offer every kind of facility that is required for overall development of a student. For example, Jain International Residential school provides its resident students the best in class facilities for their overall cultural, moral, and academic development.

Here are some of the facilities that your kid will be entitled at Jain International Residential School (JIRS):

  • Supportive Academic Infrastructure – A residential school provides the necessary facilities to its students so that they can remain updated with all the latest technologies and happenings around the world. JIRS supports its students with all the necessary infrastructural facilities like good digital classrooms, adequate support for physical activities, and an interactive learning environment. With a carefully set routine, the school is committed to shaping the young minds with empathy so that they grow to be better humans in the future.
  • Extra-Curricular Engagement - “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is rightly said; for if there is focus on studies only and no room for play or nurturing other hobbies, the all-around growth of a child will be hampered. Hence at JIRS, the routine is made keeping in mind that the students have time for playing or taking rest and nurture any personal interest if they have. Furthermore, the boarding facility of the school is equipped with all the necessary mediums of entertainment as well, so that students can spend some lazy time interacting among themselves.
  • Secured and Habitable boarding facility – At JIRS every arrangement has been made to ensure the safety and security of the boarding students. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. The boarding facility also has Cafeteria where students can buy snacks and savories once a week. The rooms of the boarding facility are air-conditioned and well ventilated and can accommodate three students comfortably. The boarders are segregated based on their age and curriculum and their compatibility. The hostel of this international boarding school is guarded round the clock by CCTV cameras and guards to ensure optimum safety for your kid.

Quoting renowned architect Arne Jacobson
Besides, I think when one has been through a boarding school, especially then. You have some resistance because it was both fine comradeship and fairly hard training.”

Hostel Life of International Boarding Schools truly builds a positive approach in the student. Though sometimes students feel stiff and homesick, but it shapes a young mind to face every challenge in their future life.

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