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5 Ways How an International Residential School Prepare You for College

5 Ways How an International Residential School Prepare You for College

May, 24 2021

As parents multitask to maintain a balance between their work and family life, often giving the required attention, care, and nurture to the child becomes challenging. When we look into the lives of working parents we can understand the juggling act is real to get their kids to school, get to work, be there for the 3:00 PM pickup, and get home. However, In the long run, this process can be exhausting leading to a stage of burnout. That being said It is in these times parents need to make a life-changing decision for their child, which initially might seem difficult but they must choose what is best for their child and also for themselves.

Jain International Residential Schools situated in Bengaluru India comes as a place of solace, that offers the best solutions to all those problems faced by students and their parents, being one of the best and top-ranked international schools in India, JIRS not only transforms the lives of the student but prepare them for college and life ahead.

  1. Learning beyond four walls - Jain International Residential School emphasizes learning beyond classrooms that prepare the students to become responsible citizens for the global community. An edifice of Knowledge since decade, JIRS believe that the role of a school is not only to facilitate academic excellence but in the holistic development of students enabling them to perform better later in their college years.
  2. Independent decision Makers - As students living away from home in JIRS they are taught to develop an independent mindset which helps them to make decisions about time management, organization, and social activities inculcating a sense of responsibility in them. Often, the newfound independence of living away from home can lead some college students astray but students who come from international boarding schools act with much more discipline and maturity.
  3. Developing a diverse mindset - A international residential school provides a diverse atmosphere that welcomes students from across the globe. In JIRS students learn to respect different cultures and co-exist amicably in an environment that enables them to develop broader perspectives and mutual understanding of others opinions and values, such a mindset helps them further in college to be progressive thinkers who can participate more effectively in group activities and team building.
  4. Academics and Co-Curricular - In JIRS students are acquainted with a holistic learning approach that gives equal emphasis on academics as well as sports. Being one of the top international CBSE schools it follows a value-driven academic curriculum and the best sports amenities are made available to the students. Inculcating such a holistic foundation in children from such a young age make them emerge as confident individuals who will go on to take many intensive leadership roles in their college years.
  5. Guidance and Support - The excellent academic staff that consists of experienced faculties and often reside in the campus itself not only act as mentors but as a family for the students. The faculties provide constant support and guidance throughout a student’s journey in JIRS, and also help them in the transition phase when they move towards college such as in deciding which college to go to, which stream to take up, how to complete the application process or choosing colleges in abroad.

    In JIRS students experience a unique learning experience, which aims to prepare them not only for college but for life to emerge as individuals with the ability to think independently armed with conviction, compassion, and to be triumphant in facing any challenge in life.

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