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Environmental Awareness: IBDP Environmental Systems VS CIE Environmental Management VS CBSE Environmental Studies

Environmental Awareness: IBDP Environmental Systems VS CIE Environmental Management VS CBSE Environmental Studies

Dec, 26 2023

With the advancements in educational systems, the educational boards in India and all around the world have adopted learning prospects and training mechanisms that can better student’s ability to understand and be conscious of their surroundings. Environmental studies is one such subject introduced by all the educational boards at school levels (primary and higher secondary level majorly) to inspire and educate children about the importance of the environment and create awareness of the impact created by humans on the earth due to high carbon footprints. Educating students at a very young age evokes a sense of hope for the future nation by promising a generation committed to finding sustainable solutions to the problems faced by the world and carving out a more environmentally responsible society for the future.

IBDP Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems and Studies is the subject put forth by the educational board of the International Baccalaureate to the students of the primary year programme and middle year programme. The subject focuses on nourishing the students with the appropriate skills that are required by the learners to understand, analyse, and connect with technology and the influence it has on the environment. Through these IBDP curriculum aims to engage learners with global issues and the possible scientific endeavours to pursue and fulfil the student’s duty as a responsive citizen. The course is designed with a structure that fosters learners to research in-depth aided with practical exposure to the issues faced globally to deeply understand the concern and negative impact affecting this world.

CIE Environmental Management

The Educational Board of Cambridge International Examination has named the subject “Environmental Management”. Like every other educational system, the subject is actively incorporated into the curriculum from primary year to high school years. The syllabus is a mixture of various science aspects ranging from biology to geography and disaster management. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that the learners are introduced to a world where they get educated about sustainable development and the impact caused by carbon footprints generated by humans beyond the normal limit and more.

CBSE Environmental Studies

The subject of Environmental Studies curated by the National Council of Education Research and Training judiciously follows the syllabus from primary years to higher secondary. The syllabus is designed to forge an integrated perspective amongst the children about the harsh realities happening in and around the world and how humans knowingly and unknowingly have become an integral part of the same. The system aims at fostering the cognitive capacity of the students through these pre-set portions covering a wide spectrum of topics ranging from in-depth analysis of pollution to the impact of interruptions in the food web cycle and more.

In Short

Environmental studies have become of subject of utmost importance, especially with the current scenario of environmental deterioration and climatic injustice happening all around. In such an instance, introducing a subject that explains the conditions clearly to the present and coming student population will help in moulding students with appropriate skills and compassion to work for a better world and bring back the real recovering power of Mother Earth.

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