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Global Perspectives: IBDP Theory of Knowledge vs. CIE Global Perspectives vs. CBSE Values Education

Global Perspectives: IBDP Theory of Knowledge vs. CIE Global Perspectives vs. CBSE Values Education

Dec, 04 2023

Education is the most valuable asset you would ever possess as there is nothing that could beat the power of education. The present generation is fortunate to have multiple options to choose from, not just for the subjects, but the educational boards as well. IBDP, CBSE, and CIE are prominent educational boards present all over India and even in International Countries with global acceptance. With the variance in their educational motto and approach to learning and training, each of them is providing quality education with their best efforts. We shall look at each of these educational boards as to how they are different from each other and how they promise a healthy and knowledge-enriching environment with overall development for students.

IBDP Theory of Knowledge

IBDP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a programme offered for senior secondary students from the age group of 16-19 (equivalent to grade 12) and the two-year spanning course structure is addressed as DP1 (Diploma Programme 1) and DP2 (Diploma Programme 2). The International Baccalaureate Program intends to render more than conventional education and for the same reason course curriculum has been separated into three sectors, PYP (Primary Year Programme), MYP (Middle Year Programme), and DP (Diploma Programme). The IB board is globally recognized and imparts an elaborate and enhanced learning experience to the students. Be it in terms of the projects they do or the assessment criteria they keep intact, the motive of assessing the student’s capability and level of understanding has always been marked on point with precision. To continue with, International Baccalaureate Programmes also train children at a very young age to manage time efficiently and not feel overwhelmed with numerous deadlines approaching at the same time. This practice given from a young age makes students more confident to approach their universities with a wider and positive mindset. Personal projects extended essays and CAS activities have all been curated with much care to give the utmost liberty to the students to let them identify and explore their areas of interest and conflicts.
During the DP1 and DP2 programme years, students get to choose a total of 6 subjects, out of which 3 need to opt for HL (HIGHER LEVEL) and SL (STANDARD LEVEL) depending on their liking and preference in alignment with their career goals.

CIE Global Perspective

Cambridge International Education is yet another educational board with the aim to carve out students who are indeed the potential human assets of tomorrow.  CIE approaches education holistically with the help of a broad and balanced curriculum through engaging classroom resources. The well-balanced course structure of the CIE board offers a wide choice of subjects for their upper secondary years (ideally 14 years+ students). Cambridge follows and promotes a practical learning approach with new engaging teaching tools and gigs, thereby always giving students one or the other work on some fruitful projects with the scope of getting educated in an in-depth manner.
Additionally, Cambridge Internal Education Board conducts several external and internal assessments for the purpose of understanding students’ level of learning and carving them to face the real world after their upper secondary.

CBSE Value Education

CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the oldest, widely accepted, and most student-populated educational boards in India and abroad with global acceptance. The CBSE follows a different pattern when compared to the other two. A more comprehensive approach to conventional subjects with an increased amount of innovation in terms of projects and pieces of training is put forth and religiously practised by CBSE. The educational board also incorporates the subject of value education with much importance, one with the intention of carving out that students are responsible to the world and compassionate in nature and secondly CBSE board strictly believes that education definitely more than theories and concepts and it is about understanding how the human world works with empathetic skills.
Students getting enrolled in the CBSE board will be exposed to general subjects, along with premium importance given to physical training, value education, and life skills. Post their higher secondary years, students get the chance to select their preferred stream for their senior secondary years.

In Short

All three Educational Board aims at providing the utmost efficient and in-depth knowledge to students. At the same time promoting their inquisitive nature and fostering their urge to learn and acquire more knowledge through innovative and creative learning methods. IBDP, CIE, and CBSE have set their mottos and systems clear by indicating their earnest interest in developing and imparting an ideal place and platform for students to explore their area of interest and nurture the same. The right choice of the educational board for any student depends on the academic approach in alignment with their career goals and future prospects. However, all three educational boards are promising good quality education and innovative learning experiences.

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