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The Benefits of Enrolling in an International School: A Guide for Parents

Jul, 31 2023

Are you aware of the fact that the number of international schools in India is increasing rapidly? Currently, India has around 210 international schools, and 156 of these teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Programme. Moreover, recent data from a survey proved the growing popularity of international schools in India, which has significantly increased from 2.5 lac enrollment in 2018 to 3.6 lac enrollment in 2023.

But have you wondered why there has been a sudden popularity of international schools in India? The international curriculum infused within a diverse and multicultural environment allows your children to become more open-minded and adaptable to global society. As parents, one of your biggest concerns is providing a quality education for your children. For many of you, it might be the biggest investment of your life. Hence, choosing the right institution and, most importantly, the right education system could be a stressful journey for you all.

So, to help you in your endeavour, we have a complete guide that will help you understand how your children can benefit from the international schooling system!

Globally-focused Education
As mentioned earlier, international schools offer education that combines the global elements of different curricula under one roof. For example, your children will be studying in an Indian setting, with rich exposure to educational elements from British, American, and other schooling systems. Exposure to such curricula is often suited to the requirements of the global labour market. Additionally, international schools bring together students from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities, which allows your children to understand and appreciate different cultures. This aspect of global education helps develop the personality of your children and contributes to shaping attitudes of tolerance, understanding, and responsibility.

Gateway to the Best Career Options
If you want your children to study at some of the best universities in the world, then studying at an international school is highly recommended. Many universities around the world have recognised the importance of international curricula and their advantages. Due to this global recognition, many students get admitted to top-rated universities and colleges around the world. Moreover, graduating from an international school also enhances the opportunities for your children in the global labour market. The chances of getting noticed by employers increase once they learn that your children have studied an international curriculum. A diploma from an international school prepares your children with specialised knowledge and competence that help them beat the competition over other students.

Effective Evaluation System
International schools often follow a standards-based assessment approach that focuses on measuring students’ mastery of specific learning and skills. This allows your children to progress at their own pace and gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, international schools often emphasise cooperation and personal growth rather than promoting a competitive environment based on student ranking. A lot of stress due to intense competition can be significantly reduced through this approach. Besides this, international schools also provide counselling services, stress management workshops, and many more programmes that are focused on promoting your children’s well-being. By addressing your children’s mental health and emotional needs, international schools create a more conducive learning environment with reduced stress levels.

Promotes Holistic Development
International schools prioritise holistic development by nurturing students' intellectual, emotional, and social growth. The curriculum is designed in a way to promote an inclusive learning environment that values your children’s unique qualities. The comprehensive approach of international schools encompasses a well-rounded and diverse curriculum that includes not only core subjects but also extra-curricular activities like sports, arts, dance, community service, and many more. Exposure to an inclusive and diverse learning environment helps your children thrive academically and emotionally. Moreover, international schools also promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in their teaching methods. Through an emphasis on critical thinking, your children can develop the analytical skills and abilities required to navigate real-world challenges independently in the future.

Way Forward
International schools in India are witnessing a rapid increase in popularity due to several factors. These schools offer a globally-focused education, thereby fostering open-mindedness and adaptability in your children. The diverse and inclusive environment allows your children to appreciate different cultures and develop attitudes of tolerance and responsibility. Moreover, international schools, especially those offering the IBDP curriculum, provide a gateway to prestigious universities worldwide. These schools prioritise holistic development, nurturing intellectual, emotional, and social growth through a well-rounded curriculum and an emphasis on critical thinking. Overall, the rising popularity of international schools in India reflects their ability to prepare students for success in an interconnected world.

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