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Checklist for Admission in Best International Boarding Schools of India

Checklist for Admission in Best International Boarding Schools of India

Jan, 24 2022

Admissions is a tough procedure these days, from collecting forms to admission tests to final admission; it is a rat race. Here is a checklist that we have lined up to ease up the admission process to ensure your kid’s successful admission to Best International Boarding Schools of India.

  • Get your Kid Mentally Ready
    The transition from home life to school life is not easy, kids will have to cope with strict routines like waking up early morning, having fixed meals, organizing their belongings, and a lot of such things. Prepare your kid mentally for a routine life and encourage them to follow it religiously, if possible be with them in their every step. Students who are engaged in regular physical exercises for residential schools believe in both mental and physical enrichment of students, so prepare your kid accordingly.
  • Prepare a routine and follow it religiously
    Almost all residential schools admit students based on the results of the entrance examination, hence preparation is needed in this aspect as well. Residential schools follow a structure and syllabus in the admission tests for their admission procedure. While preparing for admission to top-ranking international residential schools you must prepare your child as per the suggested curriculum mentioned in the admission procedure. Your child should know about the subjects specific to their age and class. Admission tests in reputed International Residential School, are typically all-inclusive entrance examinations. The evaluation of the students is hence based on their arithmetic, English comprehension, and reasoning capability.
  • Preparing for admission interviews
    Residential schools have a round of personal interview of their prospective students. These rounds are conducted to assess a student’s confidence and attitude. Here is a list of probable questions you can prepare your kid for:
    • Self-introduction
    • What idea do you have about hostel life?
    • What is your aim in life and how do you do so?
    • How will you manage to stay away from home?
    • What are your hobbies?
    • So you can prepare your kid by setting up mock interviews at home or talking with them boosting their confidence.
  • Evaluate your Kid at every step
    Once you have completed the above steps evaluate yourself. You can arrange mock interviews for your kid, or arrange previous year admission tests paper for better performance in admission tests. These days many online platforms help students to prepare for the examination, you can take their help as well. Some schools also arrange brainstorming sessions for prospective students, if your shortlisted school is offering such classes try to attend those.
  • Prepare your kid for a liberal living
    After admission to an international residential school, your kid will have to co-inhabit with other students belonging to diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, and place. Your kid must have a liberal mindset and be adaptable to the food habits, beliefs, and culture of others. Additionally, he/she will have to familiarize with new learning methods and protocols of hostel life.

Your kid will be obliviously skeptical about the new things that will come to them in hostel life. You must support them in every step and unveil to them the benefits and fun part of the hostel life. Finally, this is a journey of your kid the more develops a liberal approach, maintains personal hygiene, maintains proper relations with roommates, and is disciplined, he will have an enjoyable learning experience.

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