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What makes JIRS a truly International Boarding School?

What makes JIRS a truly International Boarding School?

Jan, 06 2018

Jain International Residential School (JIRS), founded in 1999 by Dr. Chenraj Roychand, aims at holistic development of students from grade IV to XII by enriching the quality of life. Housing more than 750 students, the co-educational boarding school sets the highest standards of intellectual growth, ethical awareness, academic excellence, sportsmanship, behavior and other moral values.

Ranked as India’s No.1 Boarding School by Education Today Survey 2017, JIRS strives to do justice to its earned reputation and work meticulously towards the welfare of its students. Its endeavor in holistic development of students makes it an acclaimed name in the list of top boarding schools of India.

There is often this question, what makes JIRS a truly International Boarding School? To answer this question, we have to delve deep into the parameters on which the foundation of the school is laid.

  • Character Building: Jain International Residential School gives supreme importance to building character of its students as character imparts wisdom in life. It enhances inner personality and polishes them turn into an outstanding student. Having a positive character purifies the soul and heart and empowers one to connect itself to divine power.
  • Individual Attention: The no.1 ranked school, boosts each of its students to develop their own identity, rather than being crammed into a single enormous classroom. JIRS helps nurture each student’s exclusive talents by giving them the individual attention they deserve and the individually motivated environment they need to flourish themselves.
  • Infrastructure Provision: As it is said, ‘school is the second home’, it is important to have an infrastructure which builds a secure, conducive environment for students. JIRS’s student driven infrastructure not only encourages learning but also gives equal importance to mental and physical well-being of students. JIRS’s student friendly campus with shelves decked up with study materials, well-equipped laboratory, air-conditioned classroom makes learning a pleasant exercise.
  • Sports Education: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, the famous adage implying the importance of sports in our lives is well inculcated in the curriculum of JIRS. JIRS firmly believes in the power of sports and therefore, it ensures all students of JIRS have a sporting chance by developing opportunities. JIRS aims at creating exciting and innovative ways to inspire and engage all its students, so they have the chance to take part in high quality physical education and meaningful school sport by adding a fervor of thrill and fun.
  • Innovative Teaching : One of the basic principles of JIRS is innovative teaching as conventional teaching lacks interactive approach and thus becomes a mundane affair. A well-crafted constellations of faculty members strive hard to provide best education to their students by making the entire session interactive with the help of PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations. An innovative teaching stimulates young minds and helps in understanding the subject rather than memorizing it.
  • Co-curricular activities: JIRS has designed its entire curriculum keeping in mind the holistic development of a student, therefore it gives equal importance to co-curricular activities along with classroom education. JIRS strives to give its students an opportunity to enhance particular skills and showcase their non-academic skills.
  • Holistic Development: The growth of today’s generation is parallel to the future growth of our society, and JIRS recognizes the importance of holistic development of students. JIRS provides a platform not only for classroom education but it gives equal emphasis to sports as well as co-curricular activities. JIRS gives equal weightage to community service, as it enables the students to be more compassionate towards society. Hence, JIRS helps in developing mental, social and physical aspect of a student.

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