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Why Global School matters?

Why Global School matters?

Dec, 11 2020

The impact of globalization over the past three decades has rapidly changed the lifestyle in the emerging world, and India is not an exception. With the advent of liberalization and privatization phenomenon, coupled with the integration of technology into the education realm, has further revolutionized the face of the learning system. One of the outcomes out of this rapid shift was International or Global Schools. With an exponential change in lifestyle, parents yearned for education that is qualitative, advanced, and global for children. Eventually, this drove a massive surge in demand for International Schools across cities in the country.  A vital imperative why global education skyrocketed in many cities is a rapid shift in the career landscape and competitive entrepreneurial activities. Moreover, the current job market is mainly looking for individuals with high core competency, decision-making, and leadership skills, besides theoretical acumen.

To address the pressing need, global schools placed engaging pedagogy, inclusive curriculum, expert faculty, tech-classrooms design, resourceful infrastructure, industry exposure and academic partnerships at the core of their ethos to build futuristic community. In line with this, they aimed at producing knowledge that has marketability and that which opens doors to the evolving global opportunities.

Independent thinking

One of the biggest steps of Global schools is that it encourages its teachers to transfer the responsibility of managing lessons to students where they learn the art of planning, research, time management, content delivery, presentation, and leadership skills. A core principle of global schools is to ensure students take ownership of their academic duties and learning through which they tend to discover new ideas and solutions to a given situation or challenge, rather than follow an established approach. Students at this stage become more active than passive learners by developing problem-solving, decision-making, and creative traits. The paradigm also gears young minds to discover their future passion and interest and work towards it right early. This is why Global Schools have a highly progressive outlook.

Global Content with task

An eye-catching feature of Global Schools is that they expose students to rigorous, relevant, and engaging global curriculum with global themes. The autonomous curriculum design and academic content, largely developed by subject matter experts, academics, and professional leaders, directly matches with the emerging learning trends and industry skills. An inspiring initiative of global schools is the after-school programs that involve students to actively engage in different real-time projects and training sessions to gain hands-on experience and critical thinking and analytical skills.

International Certification

Global opportunities fueled by growing technological advances has urged the need for higher competency and leadership skills in the career realm. In line with this, Global Schools adopt international curriculum recognized by global accreditation bodies like IGSCE or IB. This not only enables students an advantage to travel abroad for higher studies but also wayside competitive English Language exams and culture shock when landing for higher learning in any foreign university.

Pupil Diversity

One of the powerful sources of engagement in global schools is pupil diversity. Welcoming students from distant corners across the world, the global school promotes students to learn new languages, understand foreign cultures, and lifestyle patterns that are different from one’s own. As part of their core commitment, they expand the portfolio of countries annually to provide a perfect atmosphere and experience for students to express ideas and share thoughts, without giving room to stereotypes and social stigma in a learning space. The school in the process encourages children to pretend that would make them to respect the identity of others, but it does not stop there! It further leads children to understand global events and find solutions to global challenges.

Competent Faculty

Global Schools provides for an adequate student pupil ratio. It ensures that to maintain global education standard you need expert and creative faculty who possess and drives students to all possibilities to respond to a situation. Comprehensive teaching forms the foundation of the global school, which builds intellectual nimbleness among students to deal with complex issues. Personalized attention is a hallmark in global schools that attracts as it reduces the burden on parents to sit with children on homework. Faculty are adaptable and dynamic that helps them deliver program content smart and engaging through ICT, prototype materials, project-based, place-based experiential system rather than a rote method. Global Schools are extra careful in selecting teachers with strong experience and who are able to drive performance.

Resourceful Infrastructure

Learning choices is one of the enticing characters of Global Schools that ensure a robust inclusive learning experience. Moreover, to make students gain multi-literacy skills, Global Schools make considerable investments in infrastructure, cutting-edge technology-integrated classrooms, information and resource centers. As talent and interpersonal skills top the chart in the professional world, Global Schools encourage students to create multiple platforms, clubs, societies, and forums to nurture individual passions along with physical aptitude. Learning outside the walls is an essence of Global Schools where it harps on practical experience that can leave a major impact on learning and personality development, hence marks outdoor activities as an essential part of the curriculum. Through outdoor activities, Global Schools tend to balance the emotional intelligence of children, eventually leading them to work in team, venture, and push boundaries.

Counselling and Career Development

As every child comes with different aspirations, Global Schools believe that welfare support and counselling are pre-eminent to help them achieve along academic endeavors. A regular feedback mechanism makes Global Schools look more credible as it ensures that every child is safe and thriving. On the other, Global Schools organize field trips and industry exposure to evolve with the shifting career landscape.

More than anything, Global Schools aspire to create an atmosphere where children not only learn academic content but utilize every opportunity to the best and grow as responsible and change-making citizens of tomorrow.

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