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CBSE Exam Tips for Class 10 and 12 Boarding Schools of India

CBSE Exam Tips for Class 10 and 12 Boarding Schools of India

Jul, 11 2022

Preparing for board exams in a boarding school is not exactly the same as studying at home. If you are studying in a boarding school, then you need to be familiar with a couple of strategies to ace your preparation and achieve the desired success in the board exam. The main goal of a student in this regard should be to lessen the shortcomings as much as possible.

For instance, it is natural for a student to get inclined to a specific subject over others. However, achieving success with flying colors calls for candidates to have a strong grasp of all subjects. One of the best aspects of board exam preparation in a boarding school is the support and accompaniment of fellow students.

Group studies prove to be beneficial when it comes to clearing difficult concepts and alleviating exam stress. Friends tend to help and support each other in boarding school, which is crucial to keep the motivation of achieving success intact. Moreover, certain strategies should also be considered by students if they want to take their preparation to the next level.

Preparation for Class 10 & 12 CBSE Board Exams: Easy Tips for Students of Boarding Schools
Seek Help When You Need it

It is common to feel at a loss during the preparation for board exams. If you face a similar situation, do not hesitate in seeking support from the boarding school staff. Staying uncertain won’t do anything good for you. Hence, talk to your teachers and get your queries resolved as early as possible before moving on to the next level of your preparation. Seeking help and asking questions should be among the most common activities of students in live-in schools.

Emphasize & Utilize the Power of Group Studies:
Planning and participating in group studies are easier in boarding schools than in day schools. You can seek help from your friends in case you get stuck in some concepts. Moreover, since a group consists of like-minded students having a grasp of various subjects, students can help each other in getting queries resolved and clearing tough concepts.

Group studies help to overcome the fear and stress of exams to a great extent. Whether it is about sharing knowledge or creating new success strategies, the benefits of group studies can be comprehended.

In addition, students in live-in schools can support each other in developing healthy habits (taking breaks between study sessions or cutting down on caffeine intake) to accelerate their preparation for board exams.

A Healthy Diet Plan is Very Essential:
Apart from study schedules, you need to take care of your diet to stay focused and energized throughout the journey and keep health complications at bay. Always remember that the preparation phase and the exam dates are some of the most crucial times in your life. Hence, steer clear of ultra-processed products to prevent the deposit of excess fat and sugar in your body. Incorporate healthy carbohydrates and greens into your diet. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, fruits and dark chocolate may satiate your cravings.

Taking enough rest is equally important as having nutritious food. Lack of sleep can harm your study schedules, which may impact your exam preparation and confidence.

Exams are an inevitable part of our lives. However, taking care of some simple strategies can streamline the journey, boost productivity and get boarding school students ready for their board exams.

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