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Key Benefits of Boarding School Education for Growing Kids

Key Benefits of Boarding School Education for Growing Kids

Jan, 17 2022

Deirdre O'Kane, in one of her entertainment stints, mentioned “I think boarding schools gives you an Independence.”
It is true; Life in a boarding school teaches you many life skills that kids would not be able to learn had they been in their home. Hostel life teaches us many things one of them being self-reliant and disciplined personality traits that make kids responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

School plays an important role in the life of every child. While in day boarding school students are influenced by the outer world but in boarding, kids are highly influenced by their school. Below we have listed the primary benefits of boarding school on growing kids.

  • Grow to be a Self-reliant and Disciplined Person
    Every boarding school has a fixed ruleset, the students must wake up on time and do their chores, do the regular exercise and follow a disciplined life. This makes your kid self-reliant from a young age inculcating a sense of self-responsibility throughout the entire life. Additionally, they also learn values like orderliness, punctuality for they must follow a disciplined life in a hostel. In short, it makes kids better human beings of tomorrow.
  • Constant Monitoring and Supervision Throughout the Day
    In boarding schools, your kid will be under the constant monitoring of expert teachers and trained staff members, who are capable of understanding your kid’s needs. Growing kids especially adolescents, experience an emotional roller coaster ride, which can be handled by experts. In day boarding schools you kids stay under the constant supervision of teachers and company of friends which makes them feel at home enabling them to reach their maximum potential.
  • A liberal approach towards life
    In a hostel, a kid co-inhabits with other kids from different backgrounds, with diverse talents and ethnicity. Co-inhabiting with them will develop a liberal and rational mindset in your kid: the real essence of education. Additionally, he/she will develop a holistic approach towards life which will make them better human beings.
  • Excellent Academic record
    Boarding provides kids with excellent educational facilities and a constructive study environment without any distractions. Furthermore, your kid will co-study with friends of the same age group which makes learning exciting, improving his/her academic records tremendously.
  • Curriculum set at par with global standards
    Modern-day boarding schools follow a pedagogy of international standard and hence it is at par with any foreign curriculum. Many schools combine multiple elements of study other than their formal education so that students can be prepared for a competitive career in the global labor market.
  • Scope of learning Foreign Language
    International Residential schools have a compulsory foreign language other than English in their curriculum. Learning a foreign language provides them the exposure to a diverse culture. The Cross-culture learning process will naturally nurture the inquisitive nature of kids encouraging them to know more about other countries and cultures. Each language/culture has its own story to tell which magnifies the horizons of young minds encouraging them to adapt to every unfavourable condition and yet be successful in life.

A growing kid especially in the ten to eighteen age group is very vulnerable and inquisitive yet full of potential; a deadly combination. In addition, their hormonal changes give them a roller coaster ride. They need constant attention and emotional supervision so that they can channelize their potential in productive ways. A boarding school has experienced teachers and supervisors who can handle growing kids and shape them to be better citizens of tomorrow.

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