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How International School Education can Help Modern Parenting?

How International School Education can Help Modern Parenting?

May, 11 2021

Parents play an extremely important role in every aspect of a child’s life and over some time like everything else even parenting has evolved a lot. Modern parenting is all about standing in your child’s shoes, being attentive, being sensitive, listening to them, being understanding, teaching, and learning. In simple words, modern parenting addresses all the issues associated with parenting in a negative form; however, it has also made it quite difficult for parents to mark their presence in their children’s life. Modernization has made everything so fast-paced that it is nearly impossible for parents to manage their work-life, personal life, and parenting simultaneously.

In such a scenario parents must carefully and cautiously choose a school that can share their responsibilities and makes parenting easy for them. Finding such a school that could meet these requirements can be a daunting task, and this is where international schools come into the picture.

What a school offers in terms of curriculum and teaching approaches can influence a child’s future career path and lifelong learning. International schools are gaining popularity among parents as they offer impactful curricula that are in sync with the requirements of an increasingly globalized world. Every parent wants the best for their child and thus would want to expose them to a global curriculum, international mindset, global approach, and multi-cultural environment.

Why would parents want to send their children to international schools?

Transferability across international schools: Transferable jobs of parents already take a toll on children. They struggle to adjust to a new place, new house, and new social circle but due to the emergence of international schools at least they don’t have to struggle with academics as the curriculum offered in these international schools is uniform across the globe. This helps parents to continue to focus and grow in their professional life without them having to worry about their child’s comfort.

Your child will be on a way to self-discovery: By sending your kid to international schools, you can help them kick-start their journey towards self-discovery. Self-discovery leads to self-development. In international schools your child is exposed to various cultures, customs, traditions, and practices; this will help them choose what they want to follow in life, rather than following something imposed on them in the absence of proper exposure.

Promotes social skills: In current times, social skills are extremely important. In international schools, your children get to interact with kids from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, religions, and cultures which enhances their social skills. The multi-cultural environments and diversified backgrounds at international schools provide just the kind of exposure a child needs to develop good social skills.

Provides global recognition: As a parent of course you would want what is best for your child’s future. If your child wants to apply for higher studies abroad then an international school is your most suited option as the education received from such a school is recognized by colleges and universities across the world. Thus, it becomes easy for your child to be accepted by various educational institutions globally.

Best-in-class amenities and infrastructure: Modern parenting focuses on the overall growth of a child and not just on academics. Parents want to provide their kids the schools with the best amenities and infrastructure. These international schools offer leading-edge infrastructure and facilities that are designed to add to the learning experience. Their classrooms, laboratories, and sports campuses are equipped with technologically advanced amenities and infrastructure to increase interactivity and development by manifold.

Your child becomes independent and mature: The parents who resort to modern parenting want their child to be independent and mature. The main focus of international schools is to teach students values like time management, decision-making, and independence. It’s common practice for teachers here to delegate their responsibility of orchestrating academics to students which enables them to take ownership of their responsibilities and become more independent and mature in general.

Provides a global outlook: Parents these days understand that how important it is for their child to understand the global outlook and develop a global approach to survive in the world that is adopting globalization at a fast pace. International schools provide the education that helps children become active citizens in a global community.

About Jain International Residential School (JIRS):

JIRS is an international school that provides an amalgamation of different cultures, countries, ethnicities, and personalities. It believes that education is not only about academic excellence but also about the holistic development of a child. It is an international boarding school that helps young minds to identify their talents, gain knowledge and develop a global viewpoint.

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