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Value of Performing Arts Education in School

Value of Performing Arts Education in School

Jan, 13 2018

In the current competitive education system, the society only tends to give importance to the marks on the grade card. We often fail to recognize the importance of performing arts education and tend to overlook it. According to scientific research, involvement of the student in performing arts helps in higher student achievement and better child development.

At Jain International Residential School (JIRS), we strive to give a balanced study environment. Our main focus is to achieve the holistic development of a student. We give equal importance to both performing arts like Arts, Drama, Dance and Music and conventional educational system.

JIRS helps in recognizing the true potential of a student and helps in enhancing his/her skills. Performing Arts Education in a school not only helps a student to give a chance to its talent but also brings laurel to school. Hence, the value of performing arts education in school cannot be overlooked. JIRS emphasizes the true value of the importance of performing arts education in school.

Some of the important aspects of the value of performing arts education in school are listed below:

  • A medium of self-expression - The essence of arts lies in the fact that it leads to deep self-expression from a child’s heart. It helps students to make sense of their emotions and develop different approach to express themselves. For example, musical children may find their “happy abode” when they are playing songs to themselves that acts as a mirror to their emotion. Performing arts are also a form of great exercise. A singer must have strong physical endurance and also have a good lung capacity to be able to hold notes for a longer period of time.
  • Perseverance & Problem Solving - Performing arts instills in a student both self-reliance as well as the essence of team-work in order to achieve the goal. They learn that there are many varied ways to enhance a skill. For instance, a child learning a musical instrument may also share a liking for an orchestra to open them up to the varied style of performance and music to improvise their solo work. Performing arts develops creative as well as reasoning ability, and helps in inculcating concentration, motivation and teamwork.
  • Self-Presentation & Self Reliance Skills - One of the most palpable benefits of performing arts is the development of self-presentation skill. They learn to present themselves in front of an audience also develop the skill to converse with adults in a mature way. Participation in performing arts permits them to cultivate their self-presentation & self-reliance skills, developing composure and learning to overcome fears. Performing arts are also about cooperation and social interaction. Your child will make longtime friends with those who share the same passion for art as they do.
  • Compassion and Empathy - Performing arts help encourage interpersonal skills. The value of performing arts cannot be avoided as it helps in instilling compassion and empathy in a child which will help him to become a better human being. The creative approach associated with performing arts encompasses to emotional creativity and can introduce children to new ways of seeing the world. In a group setting, the focus is more on team-work and a shared execution goal, as well as the child's individual voyage of development.

Hence, it is important for schools to give equal importance to both academic and performing arts education, as it helps in the holistic development of a student.


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