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Unleash and Motivate Your Kid’s Natural Talents

Unleash and Motivate Your Kid’s Natural Talents

Feb, 15 2022

Every parent thinks of their new-born baby as highly talented. Every activity that babies learn while growing up like learning to kick or holding their milk bottles, uttering their first words, or learning to draw or write, parents think their kids are talented in every aspect. However, every kid is born with some innate natural talent, that needs to be nurtured to attain its full bloom.

In order to motivate the natural talents of kids, they must explore multiple activities and do things that feel interested in. With more opportunities of trying new things, your kid will naturally gravitate towards activities he/she likes or is naturally talented. Rather than forcing them into something of your choice, let your kid naturally choose activities where she is interested, you can rather help them in nurturing their talents.

To motivate talent for your kid, you recognize their talents first. Here are a few ways how you can do that:

  • You can have your child attend an IQ or aptitude test. Any of these tests will help you to know in which subjects your kid is naturally capable and what subjects bore him. Based on the results you can decide what ways you can nurture his natural interests.
  • Look out if your kid is interested in certain academic skills like orating or writing or painting. If so you can enrol your kid in special classes for such skills.
  • Notice if your kid develops an affinity towards visual arts or performing arts. You can encourage him or her to participate in school functions or competitions. Enrol them in summer camps or dance and music and art classes if you find them interested.
  • Keep knowledge about summer camps and community centres around you. These places arrange a lot of offbeat competitions and trains in out-of-the-box skills like drams, various forms of performing arts, physical activity classes, martial arts, indoor and outdoor games, or technology classes. You kid will be able to explore a lot of new opportunities and might self-realize his/her natural talents.

Once you identify your kid’s natural talent or her affinity to a certain activity, you can try the following steps to motivate them:

  • Never pressurize your Kid - Never push too many activities to your kid - Parents often enroll their kids in too many extracurricular activities, for which they might feel pressured and too busy to enjoy their childhood. Too much pressure will not only hinder their talent growth but also, affect their grades and health.
  • Understand the need of the generation – Your kid is of a different generation than you, so their like will also be different. They might not be interested in reading or painting or music or sports as you, they might be more enthusiastic about technology, coding, or robot. Think like the present generation and embrace their likes.
  • Motivate the virtue of Grit - Grit is a positive, non-cognitive trait that denotes the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals. This buzzword of the education sector means to teach students to be resilient, win over roadblocks and never lose hope.
  • Listen to your child’s ideas and desires – Since this is about your child, understand what he desires to be in life and help him/her to nurture skills to attain that dream.

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