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All You Need To Know About the Precautions Schools Are Taking Post Covid-19!

All You Need To Know About the Precautions Schools Are Taking Post Covid-19!

Jun, 10 2020

In the wake of this pandemic, the global lockdown has impacted all the sectors and its impact was immense upon the education sector too. Schools, colleges, universities are shut down and students are stranded at home.

This has created panic among the educators, students, and also parents as the question arises on how with no physical classes students will carry out their regular educational objectives. The situation has become worse affected during the lockdown as it is also the time of the year when board exams, entrances, competitive exams, and admissions take place across various educational institutes.

The entire mode of education has shifted from physical to online mode, however, some low income private and government schools could not adapt effectively to the e-learning mode.

The challenging times have been persistent, but with the implementation of relaxation to uplift the lockdown also indicates that children will slowly now return to schools which is an important and hopefully a welcome step, but parents and children are likely to have many questions.

Given the difficulty of the situation and variation across the globe, countries are in different stages regarding how and when they plan to reopen schools. The decisions will be made by national or state governments, often in discussion with local authorities.  Various factors such as public health, the benefits, and risks for children have to be taken into consideration. But the best interest of every child should be at the center of these decisions.

Jain International Residential School (JIRS)is the leading global residential school of Bengaluru which has set the highest standard of academic achievement, intellectual growth for developing a righteous mind and sportsmanship among the students. JIRS is ranked no. 1 among the top Boarding Schools in India for Academic Reputation, Sports Education, and Holistic Development and Infrastructure provision provided to the students. It is also ranked no. 2 among the top Co-Ed Boarding Schools by Education World Magazine. It has always been known and awarded for the world- class amenities, school infrastructure, Safety, Hygiene, Sports, and Academic Excellence.

When a child comes to JIRS, a commitment is made to provide the best environment for the growth and learning of the child. JIRS houses children from all corners of the world so the safety and health of the children are given the utmost top priority and the school is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. The school is constantly preparing itself to tackle every challenge to ensure the safety of the children and address the concern of their families.  JIRS assures to do everything to prevent the spread of the virus, and have taken these measures to keep the students physically and mentally healthy.

As children will rejoin the school post the lockdown drastic hygiene methods will be implemented such as children will be made to thoroughly wash their hands multiple times per day and will not be allowed to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth. The school resources will be stocked on soap and hand sanitizer. There will be cleaning at all the facilities, and cleaning initiatives throughout the day. If any child shows cold or flu symptoms, they will be immediately separated from other children and their parents will be informed to take them home immediately.

Constantly enforce and reinforce the need for healthy practices like hand washing, covering their cough/sneeze, using good social distance,  covering face with mask will be practiced at all times. The sitting arrangement will be made keeping in mind the norms of social distance, the school also has come up with alternate solutions to provide rotational classes between online and offline. There will be sanitization of the entire campus and frequent temperature check-ups. Students will be given regular sessions on protecting themselves against germs and how they can be healthy and safe, along with that parents will also be given regular updates, counseling, and sessions to reduce their anxiety levels in fighting with the situation. Going back to school may look a little different from what you and your child were used to experiencing before, but JIRS strongly feels that it will overcome this challenging time with the support of the students and parents along with its ardent beliefs on its safety measures.

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